What does Planking mean?

Planking means To Lie Face Down

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What is the abbreviation for To Lie Face Down?

To Lie Face Down can be abbreviated as Planking
What does Planking mean? It stands for To Lie Face Down
Planking - To Lie Face Down in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Planking

Says she'll bring planking back

Whoa this is way cooler than planking.

Guys. @KatyTurNBC and @LesterHoltNBC just faced off in a planking competition.

Yes Baninay? Kamusta ang pag-planking natin dyan? #PBBDisguiseInLoveWidU

More tomorrow too - @maxwhitlock1 will be planking with us @GBRowingTeam men's 8 - we may need a bigger sofa!!

Just so you know @Ben_Hubbsy is a planking champion

Helping to raise awareness for organ donation by planking 4 Mark Barber diagnosed with heart disease. #markstrong

Ok we can now consign face swapping to wherever planking went after this

His dedication to planking is amazing.

remember planking? i wish more people died doing that.

More Comments with Planking...

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the Gangnam Style planking goatse cringe comp Rebecca Black Ice Bucket Challenge viral video subreddit!

if you see someone doing the Running Man challenge, interrupt it with a planking Harlem Gangnam Shake NaeNae Whip combo attack.

What do we all think about the guy planking on this plane? #CaptionThis #MissionImpossible

Today we have selfies, planking and Tebowing. This gem from our archives details what was ttrendy 100 years ago.

Her catching the holy ghost and basically planking while the ushers carried her out!

Man breaks world record after planking for 8 hours:

This guy broke a world record by planking for eight agonizing hours

Policeman gets into record books by planking for more than EIGHT HOURS

Chinese policeman sets planking world record


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What does Planking stand for?
Planking stands for "To Lie Face Down".
How to abbreviate "To Lie Face Down"?
"To Lie Face Down" can be abbreviated as Planking.
What is the meaning of Planking abbreviation?
The meaning of Planking abbreviation is "To Lie Face Down".
What is Planking abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Planking is "To Lie Face Down".
What does Planking mean?
Planking as abbreviation means "To Lie Face Down".
What is shorthand of To Lie Face Down?
The most common shorthand of "To Lie Face Down" is Planking.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Planking in term.