What does TYVM mean?

TYVM means Thank you very much

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What is the abbreviation for Thank you very much?

Thank you very much can be abbreviated as TYVM
Other shorthands for Thank you very much are: TQVM, TUVM, tysvm, TVN, TVM
What does TYVM mean? It stands for Thank you very much
What does TYVM mean? - Definition of TYVM - TYVM stands for Thank you very much. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TYVM

Dear video game villains: please start employing women as well as men in your armies of standard enemies. TYVM.

I would like a pet roboctopus tyvm

I'd love some assistance...could you break up your monopoly so I can get decent internet? tyvm

Hacked emails raise possibility of Clinton Foundation ethics breach tyvm @Reuters

DEAR God, please don't let @ludurdie and I be the annoying fangirls in the audience at @HamiltonMusical lip syncing the entire show. TYVM.

You rock. Enjoy! RT @elricm3659: washing cars for 5days is so worth it. @GIGABYTEUSA @Newegg tyvm loving it.

Paul Ryan blanking a Catholic asking him why he puts Ayn Rand over helping the poor. "I've got some Bibles, tyvm."

Here is a journey to the center of a rave. TYVM @bobbyfinger for making my face melt

Please RT this scientific poll. TYVM.

Need hug pls tyvm

More Comments with TYVM...

Last out pls turn off lights TYVM RT @thebiglead Heather Cox Expected to Leave ESPN After Nearly 22 Years

Here's what you need to buy from the @ModaOperandi sale (for HALF off, TYVM!):

Gangs of New York headed to #pokhara. TYVM #YetiAirlines

@michaelianblack cats are v gender-fluid so they're ok w me being fluid too, I'm like an honorary cat tyvm #CheckYourPrivilegeViolet

That was some performance today.....and the team weren't bad either. TYVM, as always, to the #CaleyAway crowd.


Spotify is turning 10 & they'd like videos of support. On behalf of @SFRupdates + hardworking artists worldwide TYVM

Happy 7 year anniversary @fredhochberg. During your time w/ us, you've accomplished plenty! TYVM

You bet. TYVM @IonaWines


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What does TYVM stand for?
TYVM stands for "Thank you very much".
How to abbreviate "Thank you very much"?
"Thank you very much" can be abbreviated as TYVM.
What is the meaning of TYVM abbreviation?
The meaning of TYVM abbreviation is "Thank you very much".
What is TYVM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TYVM is "Thank you very much".
What does TYVM mean?
TYVM as abbreviation means "Thank you very much".
What is shorthand of Thank you very much?
The most common shorthand of "Thank you very much" is TYVM.