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ASL Age/Sex/Location    
B&D Bondage and Discipline    
B/D Bondage and discipline    
BBW Big Busted Woman    
BF Boyfriend    
BHM Big Handsome Man    
BI Bisexual    
CD Crossdresser (transvestite, drag)    
DDF Drug And Disease Free    
DL Down Low    
DTE Down To Earth    
DWF Divorced White Female    
DWF Divisionrced White Female    
DWM Divorced White Male    
DWM Divisionrced White Male    
IRL In Real Life    
ISO In Search Of    
LTR Long Term Relationship    
M4W Man for Woman    
MBC Married Black Couple    
MBiC Married bisexual couple    
MOTOS Member Of The Opposite Sex    
MOTSS Member Of The Same Sex    
MWC Married White Couple    
Nd Non-Drinker    
NS Non-Smoker    
NSA No Strings Attached    
PNP Party and Play    
s&m Sado-Masochism    
S/M Sado-Masochism    
SAE Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope    
SBF Single Black Female    
SBM Single Black Male    
STR8 Straight    
SWF Single White Female    
SWM Single White Male    
TG Transgendered    
TV Transvestite    
TYVM Thank you very much    
W/E Well Endowed    
WLTM Would Like To Meet    
YO years old