What does SBM mean?

SBM means Single Black Male

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What is the abbreviation for Single Black Male?

Single Black Male can be abbreviated as SBM
What does SBM mean? It stands for Single Black Male
SBM - Single Black Male in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SBM

30 Years ago saw SBM matinee with Grandparents and Ticket Taker gave our money back and said: That was a great movie

Wishing the womens convention all the best. Awaiting good output for a #SwachhBharat - Message from team SBM-G Telangana #SBMWomensConclave

Robert Randolph and Billy Gibbons back stage at Holland Blues festival. Performing at festival today with SBM.

Protest at following places Town hall, corporation circle, SBM crl, HAL main Gate, Bommanahalli, Devasandra

AVOID surrounding SBM Circle, KG road, Corporation circle, Police corner Jn, Town hall, NR Square. Due to Protest.

Brazil prosecutors reject SBM leniency deal for Petrobras graft

Banyak anak yang menjadikan Bahasa Indonesia sebagai prioritas terakhir dalam belajar. Ga cuma buat UN maupun SBM sih, tp dalam sehari2 juga

From Moscow to Fogerty to LA to Holland with SBM and Billy Gibbons to Liverpool to editing 400 pages of my autobiography. Yeah!!!!

I request cities to share kits & tools made to achieve #SwachhSurvekshan2017 - Shri Praveen Prakash, JS - SBM

I thank all cities who have helped make #SwachhSurvekshan2017 launch a success. - Shri Praveen Prakash, JS- SBM

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Mission Director, SBM Praveen Prakash - "Why don't households & every industry have a decentralized composting system?" #MyCleanIndia

"3 states will become #OpenDefecation Free this financial year"-Mission Director, SBM Praveen Prakash. #MyCleanIndia

Gram Sabha was conducted under SBM-G at 10 Panchayats under PHE & WS Division Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh

One day orientation programme on SBM at Hazaribag, Jharkhand

I'm not for/against any party. Eg. AAP supported AOL's show, yet I criticised it. I support what's right. Bas. @SBM_4007 @Rohit231119

Dutch papers exposes new #unaoil story: How SBM Offshore is involved in the world's biggest bribe scandal -

Free webinar tomorrow, "Expect the Unexpected: From Chaos to Control" | Sign up: #StanfordSBM

Leaders, are you prepared to handle the unexpected? Free webinar tomorrow with Prof. Steven Callander: #StanfordSBM

#Cabinet #SwachhBharat 2 : provides for incentivising States on the basis of their performance in the existing SBM-G


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does SBM stand for?
SBM stands for "Single Black Male".
How to abbreviate "Single Black Male"?
"Single Black Male" can be abbreviated as SBM.
What is the meaning of SBM abbreviation?
The meaning of SBM abbreviation is "Single Black Male".
What is SBM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SBM is "Single Black Male".
What does SBM mean?
SBM as abbreviation means "Single Black Male".
What is shorthand of Single Black Male?
The most common shorthand of "Single Black Male" is SBM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SBM in term.