What does NSA mean?

NSA means No Strings Attached

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What is the abbreviation for No Strings Attached?

No Strings Attached can be abbreviated as NSA
What does NSA mean? It stands for No Strings Attached
NSA - No Strings Attached in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NSA

Trump will have control of the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA, drones and nuclear weapons. Healthcare: gone. Well done, America.

Why attribution is hard: NSA hacks machines from compromised servers in China and Russia:

Snowden told us truth abt NSA collecting data, James Clapper lied abt it under oath to Congress. Guess which one got in trouble.

Vote count: Hillary +1 million NSA: Russia rigged the election. Prog white dudes: Let's talk more about why Hillary was a bad choice.

Trump will soon be in charge of: NSA mass surveillance, Guantanamo, CIA drone strikes, war in seven countries, nukes

Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden delivers some of the harshest hits on Trump I've heard from anyone

Worried about Trump's access to the FBI and NSA cyber power? You should be:

Wouldn't be surprised if NSA did today's DDos attack to get people pissed off at Russians since nobody but Hillary is concerned about them.

FLASH: Two weeks ago, the DSS asked detained former NSA Col. Sambo Dasuki to visit his ailing father accompanied by agents, he declined

The NSA touches 1.6% of data travelling the internet, selecting 0.025% for review. Its analysts see just 0.00004%

More Comments with NSA...

FLASH: Former Sultan of Sokoto and father Of detained NSA, Ibrahim Dasuki Is Dead

Rigged election on Nov. 8? Not likely. But the NSA has its eyes on Russia.

'#Snowden 2.0': Frmr NSA contractor faces espionage charges after being discovered with 50TB of 'stolen data'

Judge orders ex-NSA contractor accused of stealing secrets held in custody

EXCLUSIVE: #NSA is broken and needs root+branch reform, especially in counterintelligence. It's now or never....

Feds seized 50TB of data and arsenal of guns from accused NSA thief

Not worried about the surveillance state? Think again with an NSA controlled by Trump

Shazam won't stop recording on Mac even when you tell it to, according to an ex-NSA staffer

FLASH | Ibrahim Dasuki, former Sultan of Sokoto and father of detained ex-NSA is dead. He died at the Turkish Hospital, Abuja


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does NSA stand for?
NSA stands for "No Strings Attached".
How to abbreviate "No Strings Attached"?
"No Strings Attached" can be abbreviated as NSA.
What is the meaning of NSA abbreviation?
The meaning of NSA abbreviation is "No Strings Attached".
What is NSA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NSA is "No Strings Attached".
What does NSA mean?
NSA as abbreviation means "No Strings Attached".
What is shorthand of No Strings Attached?
The most common shorthand of "No Strings Attached" is NSA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NSA in term.