What does BI mean?

BI means Bisexual

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What is the abbreviation for Bisexual?

Bisexual can be abbreviated as BI
Other shorthands for Bisexual are: bsx, BS
What does BI mean? It stands for Bisexual
BI - Bisexual in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BI

Fans celebrate the birthday of iKON's leader B.I with #CharismaBIday

BERNIE: If Trump is serious, we'll work with him. If not, we'll 'vigorously oppose him'

Donald Trump makes closing argument in unconventional 2-minute ad via @bi_politics

The Clinton campaign appears to be in full-blown panic mode over Michigan via @bi_politics

Donald Trump shocks world, wins presidential election in biggest upset in political history

Uykusuzluk bi tercih degil " aliskanliktan kalma

Dollar jumps in Japan and Europe after FBI clears Clinton

This is the thing I'm talking about. In the game, bi men don't exist, and neither do straight women.

WORLD'S BIGGEST HEDGE FUND: Stock markets around the world will tank if Trump wins

L imeen bi adiyyi wataniyyi byet7a22a2 bi iradit tatbii2 anoun l imeen. W 3a marr l Wa2t l 7a22 bi dawwi 3a 7alou. Koullouna lil watan

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happy #BiVisibiltyDay to all bi ppl, out or not. many of my all-time fav ppl are bi and my queer community wouldn't be the same w/o them

We STAND for love for all. We STAND by people of color. We STAND by lesbian, gay, bi, trans. We STAND by women.

NSA CHIEF: A nation-state made a 'conscious effort' to sway the US presidential election via @BI_Defense

Bakma hep bi yanik canim cigerim

The Mexican peso just soared after the FBI cleared Clinton

Lt. Gen Mike Flynn is Trump's man, but assassination is a bi-partisan affair:

Vanderbilt ranked #5! The 50 best colleges in America via @BI_Strategy

I'm saying happy #BiVisibilityDay again, because anything with "bi" in it is worth saying twice. Hello, bi folks! Thanks for being you!

Wrongly convicted gay and bi men deserve justice


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What does BI stand for?
BI stands for "Bisexual".
How to abbreviate "Bisexual"?
"Bisexual" can be abbreviated as BI.
What is the meaning of BI abbreviation?
The meaning of BI abbreviation is "Bisexual".
What is BI abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BI is "Bisexual".
What does BI mean?
BI as abbreviation means "Bisexual".
What is shorthand of Bisexual?
The most common shorthand of "Bisexual" is BI.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BI in term.