What does bi mean?

bi means bye

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for bye?

bye can be abbreviated as bi
Other shorthands for bye are: bii, BAI, TRA, WUN, SIO, fb
What does bi mean? It stands for bye
bi - bye in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having bi

HRC Not Offended at All: Jay Z drops the n-word, f-bomb during concert for her via @bi_politics #MAGA #TrumpPence16

Insanin kendi kendini sevmesi yetseydi kimse asik olmazdi, bi kediyi bile sevemezdi: insan sevmek icin var edilmis. Herkes ota konmuyo tabii

Donald Trump makes closing argument in unconventional 2-minute ad via @bi_politics

Hillary's hypocrisy has no bounds Jay Z drops the n-word, f-bomb during concert for Hillary Clinton via @bi_politics

Hey DEA: 23 medical benefits of marijuana via @BI_Science

The Clinton campaign appears to be in full-blown panic mode over Michigan via @bi_politics

[me, tired] bert it's time to go to sleep [bert, being unnecessarily difficult] what is that. is it a bi thing

YAASSS #BiVisibilityDay. Because bi-women aren't pretending & bi-men aren't faking. People's sexuality doesn't revolve around cisgender men.

Trump walks onstage to theme of 'Les Miserables,' greets 'deplorables' at his Miami rally via @bi_politics

L layli bi Hemleya mnekhtoum sayfiyyetna Nchalla yen3aad 3laykoun bel khayr wel 3afyi w kel Ad7a w entou bi khayr

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bella thorne broke up with her boyfriend, started dating her brother's ex gf and came out as bi my dream is to be this petty

Mech bi souhouli l fenneen bi 7a22i2 naje7aat kbiri, illa iza Ken mertekiz 3a joumhour hal2ad m2aamin bi adiyyto

Mech bas esteez bi che3rak, yalli byetnegham ma3 7obbak la lebneniyytak, ma3 wafeek w dafa albak Yen3aad 3alayk bel 100 seni @NizarFrancis1

Democratic Party descends into 'civil war' after Clinton loss via @bi_politics

Welcome to the bi lady fold, @bellathorne. I'm hosting. @iamstephbeatz on the 1s and 2s. @MaraWilson brought snacks. @evanrachelwood got ice

Para ter um verdadeiro cheque especial de R$ 170 bi que permita "bondades" com o objetivo de garantir o impeachment.

Images from the front lines of Ukraine show there's still a war going on in Europe

Xbox Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro -- Microsoft discusses its big power advantage.

UConn is No. 7 on list of the 30 most dominant college sports programs via @BI_Sports


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What does bi stand for?
bi stands for "bye".
How to abbreviate "bye"?
"bye" can be abbreviated as bi.
What is the meaning of bi abbreviation?
The meaning of bi abbreviation is "bye".
What is bi abbreviation?
One of the definitions of bi is "bye".
What does bi mean?
bi as abbreviation means "bye".
What is shorthand of bye?
The most common shorthand of "bye" is bi.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word bi in term.