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01A Triode tube in circuitry of receivers    
1/4WA Quarter Wave Antenna    
1/4WV Quarter Wave Antenna    
10-4 Message received    
200K 200Kilohertz    
2MTR Two Meter Plus Amateur Radio Club    
2MTR 2-Meter wavelength (146 megahertz)    
2MtrPlus Two-Meter Band Radio Club    
47CFR Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 (FCC)    
5x5 Five-by-Five (Good Copy Signal)    
73 Best Regards (not an acronym)    
88 Love & Kisses (not an acronym)    
9K6 9600 baud rate for digital communications. Used mainly for amateur radio.    
AARC Austin Amateur Radio Club    
AARC Ames Amateur Radio Club    
AARC Aruba Amateur Radio Club    
AARC Albemarle Amateur Radio Club    
AARC Alger Amateur Radio Club    
AAS Advanced Antenna Systems    
ACS Auxiliary Communications Service    
ADIF Amateur Data Interchange Format    
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation    
ADR Additional Dialog Recording    
ADRF Analog Devices Radio Frequency    
AERP Average Effective Radiated Power    
AF Audio Frequency    
AFC Antennas For Communications    
AGC Automatic Gain Control    
AGL Above Ground Level    
AISG Antenna Interface Standards Group Ltd.    
AJD All Japan Districts    
AK Atwater-Kent radio    
ALD Antenna Linkage Device    
AM Amplitude Modulation    
AM-10 AMSAT Oscar-10 AMateur SATellite    
AMBE Advanced Multi-Band Excitation    
ANARC Association of North American Radio Clubs    
ANC Automatic Noise Cancelling    
APO Advanced Planner Optimizer    
APRS Automatic Position Reporting System (original term - now Packet instead of Position)    
ARC Amateur Radio Club    
ARC Advance Radio Car    
ARCF Amateur Radio Christian Fellowship    
AREC Amateur Radio Emergency Communications    
ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service    
ARF Amateur Radio Forum    
ARFCN Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number    
ARLOY Amateur Radio Lady Of the Year    
ARO Amateur Radio Operator    
ARO Austin Repeater Organization