What does DNA mean?

DNA means Did Not Answer

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What is the abbreviation for Did Not Answer?

Did Not Answer can be abbreviated as DNA
What does DNA mean? It stands for Did Not Answer
DNA - Did Not Answer in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DNA

Kashmir's stone pelters will get exposed tonight.Most daring reporting from Burhan Vani's village.Don't miss! 9PM #DNA @ZeeNews

BeBe and CeCe and the DNA of gospel - The Washington Post @Iam360WISE

#GameChangerAlert: The @YolandaAdams performance of @JohnLegend's Glory changed the structural DNA of all who heard it. #ThankYouObama @BET

3 new good songs to check out: "Get me through the night" - Trevor Moran "DNA" - Lia Marie Johnson "Pretty Girl" - Maggie Lindemann

The first baby with DNA from 3 parents has been born

PM Modi is a reformer by instinct but India's Left & Right are both economically & socially illiberal. My @dna piece

Evolving alongside other apes means I share 98.6% of my DNA with chimpanzees. I use the other 1.4% to annoy creationists on Twitter.

India's emotions backed by numbers.Your heart and mind both vouch for @ZeeNews making DNA India's No.1 news show.

Must watch: This is what happens when you give a DNA test to proud nationalists.

JUST IN: Scott Brown wants Elizabeth Warren to take DNA test to prove heritage

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After lecturing that "racism's in America's DNA," Obama NOW says country's not as racially divided "as some have suggested." Yeah, like YOU!

demanding people to take dna tests is a good way to turn around a campaign people think is racist

Bill Clinton's 'Son' @danney_williams Asks Monica Lewinsky For A DNA Sample Full video:

I am committing this Vine to memory, like embedding it into my DNA

SBI just wrote off willful defaulter Vijay Mallya's 1201 crore dues. Over 7000 cr from willful defaulters written off reports @dna

Former dacoit Malkhan Singh of Chambal waits and lines up at State Bank of India for changing money @dna @WIONews

#DNA Exclusive: SBI writes off loans of 63 wilful defaulters @DipuraiRai

The alt-right is wasting tons of money on DNA tests to prove how white they are.

The first DNA Forensic Centre in Nigeria will be established by our administration. #ItesiwajuEko


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What does DNA stand for?
DNA stands for "Did Not Answer".
How to abbreviate "Did Not Answer"?
"Did Not Answer" can be abbreviated as DNA.
What is the meaning of DNA abbreviation?
The meaning of DNA abbreviation is "Did Not Answer".
What is DNA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DNA is "Did Not Answer".
What does DNA mean?
DNA as abbreviation means "Did Not Answer".
What is shorthand of Did Not Answer?
The most common shorthand of "Did Not Answer" is DNA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DNA in term.