What does DNA mean?

DNA means Do Not Ask

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What is the abbreviation for Do Not Ask?

Do Not Ask can be abbreviated as DNA
What does DNA mean? It stands for Do Not Ask
DNA - Do Not Ask in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DNA

You cant just become "cool" or have "sauce" all of the sudden....its gotta be in your DNA.

Breaking: Danny Williams just announced he is filing lawsuit against Bill Clinton for DNA paternity test. #debatenight #debate #debate2016

3 new good songs to check out: "Get me through the night" - Trevor Moran "DNA" - Lia Marie Johnson "Pretty Girl" - Maggie Lindemann

#GameChangerAlert: The @YolandaAdams performance of @JohnLegend's Glory changed the structural DNA of all who heard it. #ThankYouObama @BET

"Racism" is in America's "DNA." --Barack Obama

Danney Williams alleging @ press conference in Vegas that Bill Clinton is his father, asking for DNA sample

ModiGovt's DNA is to trample,infringe, crush& violate all dissent.Muzzling press freedom integral to fascist, political strategy.#NDTVBanned

Breakthrough study of human DNA finds more than a dozen genes linked to the risk of developing depression.

They were exonerated by DNA evidence, but @realDonaldTrump still thinks they should be in prison.

Every 50 cigarettes smoked cause one DNA mutation per lung cell

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#DNA Exclusive: SBI writes off loans of 63 wilful defaulters @DipuraiRai

Is this surgical strike too?: SBI writes off loans of 63 wilful defaulters via dna @DipuraiRai

Chemist Rosalind Franklin born #onthisday, recognised only posthumously for her contribution to understanding of DNA

Study: Smoking 50 cigarettes causes one DNA mutation per lung cell

Police depts. are quietly amassing DNA databases by obtaining samples from people not accused of any crime.

Scientists make 'holy grail' breakthrough in DNA editing that could cure incurable diseases

Four sheep clones created from Dolly's DNA are healthy and aging normally

Human face models reconstructed from DNA people accidentally left in public places. By @hdeweyh #biofabricate

Big Sam asked about England's DNA document: 'Wouldn't wipe my arse with that pal, load of old bollocks.'


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What does DNA stand for?
DNA stands for "Do Not Ask".
How to abbreviate "Do Not Ask"?
"Do Not Ask" can be abbreviated as DNA.
What is the meaning of DNA abbreviation?
The meaning of DNA abbreviation is "Do Not Ask".
What is DNA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DNA is "Do Not Ask".
What does DNA mean?
DNA as abbreviation means "Do Not Ask".
What is shorthand of Do Not Ask?
The most common shorthand of "Do Not Ask" is DNA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DNA in term.