What does Totes mean?

Totes means Totally

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What is the abbreviation for Totally?

Totally can be abbreviated as Totes
Other shorthands for Totally are: TOTS, TTL, TOTZ, TTLY, TOT, totl, TOTEZ, TN, ttlly, TL, TT, T, T-, 2tali
What does Totes mean? It stands for Totally
Totes - Totally in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Totes

omg idk this is totes my vocab

Oh good. So totes denial from our social media overlords. See also @jack's sanctimony earlier.

Trevor Noah is gonna totes DESTROY the Electoral College tonight, you guys.

ICYMI: A bunch of new stuff on #IAmHoldingYourHand store! Magnets, Stickers, Totes & MORE! Royalties go to @ACLU!

Wow totes couldn't have predicted that

Ppl bemoaning fact DC can't work without bribes (earmarks.) Take away the bribes, you have to fight on policy. I'm fine w/ that. Totes fine.

I'm sure conservatives will totes be as outraged that Pence wants his emails shielded from the public as they were about Clinton's server

Extreme that members of the KKK rocking that exact same hat and supported his "views"? Oh totes.

Nothing to see here folks, the media is totes legit.

Rewind to 2008 and try it then only with Obama's name. That would be totes racist.

More Comments with Totes...

now crying @ChrisisSingin reconciling his views on Washington- u guys. 2 give that AMAZE voice 2 someone u don't totes agree w? HamildocPBS

Nasty women unite. Tees and totes are now live, link in bio. #nastywoman

Update: the #glutenfree cookies are totes delish! Also very cute.

turns out you can't just will a loyal opposition into being no matter how many NPR totes you donate

Ghost lights are totes for ghosts. @reggiewatts knows what's up.

Moltes felicitats a totes les colles per la diada d'avui a Sitges! #castellers @jovedesitges @CastCornella @CastLesRoquetes @Matossers

Touchdown Tim Cook! Totes the rock in from the 9 yard line. #GoBeavs

Traumberuf. Erst auf ein totes Schwein einstechen und es dann fotografieren. #Tatort

But beheading statistics are totes true, Jan.


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What does Totes stand for?
Totes stands for "Totally".
How to abbreviate "Totally"?
"Totally" can be abbreviated as Totes.
What is the meaning of Totes abbreviation?
The meaning of Totes abbreviation is "Totally".
What is Totes abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Totes is "Totally".
What does Totes mean?
Totes as abbreviation means "Totally".
What is shorthand of Totally?
The most common shorthand of "Totally" is Totes.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Totes in term.