What does TC mean?

TC means Take Care

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What is the abbreviation for Take Care?

Take Care can be abbreviated as TC
Other shorthands for Take Care are: T/C, TCO, T&C
What does TC mean? It stands for Take Care
TC - Take Care in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TC

Watch Hillary's full remarks at the #AlSmithDinner.

Watch as President Obama tackles four common myths about our economy.

.@realDonaldTrump delivers speech on national security in Philadelphia. Catch speech here:

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CNN on the Obama administration blocking the release of Clinton's TPP-related emails until after the 2016 election

Watch @MSDhoni speak about his epic journey from Ranchi to Wankhede, from a TC to winning the World Cup. #LambaSaath

Newcastle, there were almost tears on stage there. That was one of the best nights of my life. TC - X

Thunder players are wearing "TC" on their shooting shirts tonight in honor of Terence Crutcher:

Encore un soir is celebrated around the world having hit #1 on the several charts. For more information, visit -TC

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Manchester, that show will stay with me forever. Thank you all for your passion over the years. Huge love to all of you. TC xx

#Meranti has intensified to 190 mph max winds - tied with Tip for 2nd strongest NW Pac TC since 1970 (trails Haiyan)

En chavos en #destardes #tc simbolo

Last concert in Quebec tonight! Join in with #CelineDionQC and your post might be seen in the @CentreVideotron! - TC

Santi Vidal: 'Com a jutge em sento indignat. Dels 12 membres del TC, 8 estan designats pel PP' #ElCanviPossible

Tim Cook: "How do we force people to buy iPhone 7?" Jony Ive: "Make their old iPhones slow and redundant." TC: "How?" JI: "New iOS update."

"He was genuinely fired up and that's great to see." -TC on @MattHarvey33

"That's the @MattHarvey33 we always knew... He fought through it." -TC on Harvey's perseverance. #Mets

RETWEET if you can't wait to see if Jordan accepted TC's proposal when The #NightShift premieres tomorrow at 10/9c!


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What does TC stand for?
TC stands for "Take Care".
How to abbreviate "Take Care"?
"Take Care" can be abbreviated as TC.
What is the meaning of TC abbreviation?
The meaning of TC abbreviation is "Take Care".
What is TC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TC is "Take Care".
What does TC mean?
TC as abbreviation means "Take Care".
What is shorthand of Take Care?
The most common shorthand of "Take Care" is TC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word TC in term.