What does Crew mean?

Crew means Group Of Friends

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What is the abbreviation for Group Of Friends?

Group Of Friends can be abbreviated as Crew
What does Crew mean? It stands for Group Of Friends
Crew - Group Of Friends in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Crew

How magical! @jk_rowling and the incredible cast and crew of #FantasticBeasts at the European premiere in London

YG and the crew having some Saturday fun

NEW: @KLBKNews: @TexasTech on lock-down after clown sighting on campus. They have a crew headed to the scene.

Hanging with ma crew @realdavidmazouz @chalkchris @robinlordtaylor #gotham #NYCC

British Airways flight to San Francisco diverted to Vancouver after members of crew became ill, airline says

Congratulations boys we proud of you all and well done.well done coach and your crew and well done Mikel and the boys and NFF and supporters

"She said the female flight crew was not allowed to serve the [Muslim] men." @united

Sexism & harassment was rampant on set of "The Apprentice." Trump talked about women's breasts & more, crew tell AP

Some protesters attacked a film crew. Bottles being thrown at police. Distractionary "bang" devices being used to effect arrests.

The amazing #onceuponatime crew always turns rain into magic. #emmaswan photo by: disneycamera

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Doug Pederson has every right to mad. That's a helmet to helmet hit on Matthews. This crew blowing 2 major plays on this drive. Do your job.

BREAKING: An orangutan has escaped its enclosure at @SedgwickCoZoo. Zoo is locked down. #KAKEnews crew on the way.

On my daughter's birthday, the crew gives me a present, 10 million!! Our crew grows. Much love and respect to each of you.

Our broadcast crew killed it and once again @jack_p & @CaitiWard_ tirelessly and selflessly organized all the @RoosterTeeth mayhem.

We coming to shut down stadium in Accra December with the Starboy Crew!

"Apprentice" cast and crew members drop bombshell allegations against Trump:

This recap video highlights Tabby, BD2 crew and the team's special moments at #PAXWest2016 with the #FFXV community.

Jim Lovell and I will always share the history of being crew mates of the #Gemini12 Mission.

Dave brought the old crew back out. I've missed them.


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What does Crew stand for?
Crew stands for "Group Of Friends".
How to abbreviate "Group Of Friends"?
"Group Of Friends" can be abbreviated as Crew.
What is the meaning of Crew abbreviation?
The meaning of Crew abbreviation is "Group Of Friends".
What is Crew abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Crew is "Group Of Friends".
What does Crew mean?
Crew as abbreviation means "Group Of Friends".
What is shorthand of Group Of Friends?
The most common shorthand of "Group Of Friends" is Crew.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Crew in term.

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