What does TTYS mean?

TTYS means Talk To You Soon

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What is the abbreviation for Talk To You Soon?

Talk To You Soon can be abbreviated as TTYS
Other shorthands for Talk To You Soon are: twys, TTUS, apaes
What does TTYS mean? It stands for Talk To You Soon
TTYS - Talk To You Soon in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TTYS

Holy crap. RT @back_ttys:

HT @back_ttys

Oh.. [ ht @back_ttys ]

Definitely! Sounds good my friend. Ttys


.@back_ttys @RBPundit Also racism against Odell Beckham Jr. Straight up. Really vicious stuff

@back_ttys @RBPundit Beckham was basically minding his own business next to white girl, just like Emmit Till

@boburnham Awesome. I'll dm you to coordinate and swap some dick pics. ttys

This one took a lot out of me. I'm gonna stay away from the internet for the night. Love yo faces and ttys <3

Much love right back at cha darling! TTYS! MUAH ;) #LifeIsGood #Respect #Blessed

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What does TTYS stand for?
TTYS stands for "Talk To You Soon".
How to abbreviate "Talk To You Soon"?
"Talk To You Soon" can be abbreviated as TTYS.
What is the meaning of TTYS abbreviation?
The meaning of TTYS abbreviation is "Talk To You Soon".
What is TTYS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TTYS is "Talk To You Soon".
What does TTYS mean?
TTYS as abbreviation means "Talk To You Soon".
What is shorthand of Talk To You Soon?
The most common shorthand of "Talk To You Soon" is TTYS.