What does OTS mean?

OTS means On the Scene

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What is the abbreviation for On the Scene?

2 ways to abbreviate On the Scene
On the Scene can be abbreviated as OTS
Other shorthands for On the Scene are: bts
What does OTS mean? It stands for On the Scene
OTS - On the Scene in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having OTS

.@Longhorn_FB 50, Notre Dame 47 in 2 OTs! #hookem #longhorns

Top-graded OTs in the NFL

Time to grab him by the ball..ots, people. #ImWithHer

This will add 150 beds, 30 ICU beds, 6 OTs & cath labs to the institute at an approved cost of Rs.150 crore.

What a win for @TXSTATEFOOTBALL in THREE OTs! Congrats on your first victory @everett_withers! #FunBelt

Top-graded pass-blocking OTs

From Patriots view, credit to TE Martellus Bennett and OTs Cameron Fleming/Marcus Cannon in run game.

Film: #Panthers biggest issue in 1st half were OTs Remmers and Williams.

@DamianJ30283678 He has been phenomenal considering his background. In another year they'll be talking about him as one of the top OTs

Oes ots am y gwir yn y gwyll? Does the truth matter anymore? #ygwyll

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NHL playoff record for most OTs through 2 rounds has now been set.

Chi-town native @SterlingHayesSM releases "OTS" featuring @JoeyPurps

Where will this year's top OTs land? READ:

"(The trade) happened, and I'm OK." -@KingTunsil78, other OTs ready for draft READ

So the Titans have two OTs (Lewan, Conklin) who may or may not be able to play LT?

My lock draft parlay: Bosa picked over 3.5 + over 3.5 OTs taken in 1st rd + over 2.5 QBs taken in 1st rd. I wish me a lot of luck.

Ayo ke #SoekamtiDay KUDUS 15 MEI. Tiket Pre-sale 25K OTS 30K | Tiket Box: OSIS SMA 1 Kudus & Kantor Radar Kudus

Yes, #Vikings fans, Andre Smith is the player I was referring to last night. Slated to visit. Team is still eyeing OTs.

Wild high school hoops game had 4 OTs, 3 buzzer-beaters, and must be seen to be believed


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What does OTS stand for?
OTS stands for "On the Scene".
How to abbreviate "On the Scene"?
"On the Scene" can be abbreviated as OTS.
What is the meaning of OTS abbreviation?
The meaning of OTS abbreviation is "On the Scene".
What is OTS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of OTS is "On the Scene".
What does OTS mean?
OTS as abbreviation means "On the Scene".
What is shorthand of On the Scene?
The most common shorthand of "On the Scene" is OTS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word OTS in term.

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