What does E.g mean?

E.g means For example

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What is the abbreviation for For example?

For example can be abbreviated as E.g
Other shorthands for For example are: xmpl, FE, EX, e.g., FREX, eg, EXX, ae, fx, , IE
What does E.g mean? It stands for For example
What does E.g mean? - Definition of E.g - E.g stands for For example. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having E.g

The US elected Trump but the rest of the world didn't.So what do we do if US policies ( e.g. climate change) threaten the rest of the world?

During post-WWII decades, huge US investments in higher ed (e.g. GI Bill) led to an era of prosperity instead of #StudentDebt. Why not now?

@TheQuint : Rattan Tata is lawless, e.g.Air Asia & Vistara. He has been giving Rs 1 cr a year retainer for a lawyer daughter of a Minister

Some pollsters, like CNN, know we are onto their D+ samples so they're hiding the bias elsewhere - e.g., 49% Indies and claiming H wins them

.@SueAnnLevy Trump was the only candidate who discussed the anti-gay doctrine of Islamic terrorism, e.g. Orlando.

13. E.g., slandering our president, demonizing immigrants, dehumanizing minorities and making vague, unsupported statements of patriotism.

Common causes of preterm birth incl multiple pregnancies, infections, chronic conditions e.g. diabetes & high blood pressure

@Swamy39 .. Ha ha ha .. The word Insufferable too is too little .. e.g., Shobha De

RT @Mark_J_Perry: Minimum Wage: How it actually works vs. how people (e.g. #Fightfor15) think it works.


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At least 1/3 of all Saud-led, US-backed airstrikes on Yemen hit civilians sites (e.g. schools, hospitals).

Honestly don't see how you can object to Momentum but not e.g. Progress on the same grounds (I personally think both are fine and good)

and has also clearly broken with him on key issues, e.g. Russia

I suspect there are large paid teams keeping Wikipedia Islamic-compliant. E.g. This is apologia, not scholarship.

Happiness is not something u achieve It's something you choose And u cant choose it while holdin on to somethin else e.g facts, reality etc

Im the source of the leaks from the Man Utd dressing room. I've been in there a lot, doing odd jobs e.g. new coat hooks & siliconing tiles

Fact: Medical research prioritises profits not health needs, e.g. drug-resistant infections #antibiotics #UNGA

New best practice: choose shell company name that resists OCR and/or confounds digitization, e.g. Ilisbhrnm DROP TABLE company_name LLC

When looking at Taric's kit remember his W duplicates all spells he casts. E.g. E is now 2 linear stuns, and R is 2 AoE invulnerabilities


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does E.g stand for?
E.g stands for "For example".
How to abbreviate "For example"?
"For example" can be abbreviated as E.g.
What is the meaning of E.g abbreviation?
The meaning of E.g abbreviation is "For example".
What is E.g abbreviation?
One of the definitions of E.g is "For example".
What does E.g mean?
E.g as abbreviation means "For example".
What is shorthand of For example?
The most common shorthand of "For example" is E.g.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word E.g in term.

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