What does CH mean?

CH means Channel

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What is the abbreviation for Channel?

Channel can be abbreviated as CH
Other shorthands for Channel are: CHAN, CHNL, CHL, c, Chn, ITC, fc, cb, CL
What does CH mean? It stands for Channel
CH - Channel in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CH

1 month gone & nation still awaits Ch Nisar to fulfill promise of finding & revealing culprits of the planted story known as security leaks

Classic shot. Ch Nisar say he doesnt know who blocked motorways&roads around Islamabad. No one can beat my friend Ch Nisar. Can anyone??

TOMORROW! Broadcasting from #KISS EXPO.. @genesimmons! @kiss_expo2016 @YoshikiChannel

Another matti pao operation seems to be underway with the hope that the nation will forget & forgive .About time Ch Nisar reveals the truth

My video message on ch.nisar presser

Will Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan explain why journalist @cyalm has been put on ECL?Is it democracy?waiting for a response

First sacrifice a goat to save skin.Then sit&weep over its deadbody. Thats my friend Ch Nisar Ali Khan is doing right now in his press talk

Kids explain how banned and challenged books helped them and even saved their lives

Raja sadaah befikar, main kadi dil ch duniya da rakheya nai darr #bohemialyrics #ZamanaJali Oct 18th.

Netflix signs deal with theater chain to put original films on the big screen by @jordanrcrook

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Utter confusion in PM cabinet on Cyril ECL issue. Ch Nisar blocks decision on removal. Extends it by 3 days. Who is running this country?

World's best university in 2016? The results are out #edchat

Joint Session of Parliament:PPP leader Ch Aitzaz Ahsan criticised PML-N for leaking close door proceedings of All Parties meeting to media

PML-N Senator Mushahidullah made personal allegations on Ch Aitzaz now PPP walas chanting slogans "Modi Ka jo Yar hey Ghadar hey Ghadar hey"

L'ancien gardien du CH Rogatien Vachon fait maintenant partie des grands. LIRE -> #GoHabsGo

#SS10 Donc ils se sont fait ch... une semaine pour mettre la main sur 178.358 euros... pour les rendre et immuniser les autres #bidon

Snapchat has reportedly filed confidentially for its massive IPO by @mattlynley

Deputy Home Minister @AhmedSiddeeq and Youth Min Cordinator @ismail5721 live at Ch 13 now.

4 maps that will change how you see #migration in #Europe


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What does CH stand for?
CH stands for "Channel".
How to abbreviate "Channel"?
"Channel" can be abbreviated as CH.
What is the meaning of CH abbreviation?
The meaning of CH abbreviation is "Channel".
What is CH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CH is "Channel".
What does CH mean?
CH as abbreviation means "Channel".
What is shorthand of Channel?
The most common shorthand of "Channel" is CH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CH in term.