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A American Bank Note Company    
AAA the Agricultural Adjustment Act & Administration    
AABUS As Agreed Between User and Supplier    
AB Amphenol- Borg    
AC AVX Corporation    
AD AMD Corporation    
AH Alpha Industries    
AI America, Inc    
al Atlas Logistique    
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider    
AO Automatic Metal Products    
AP AMO, Inc.    
AR Angstrom    
ARTC Alberta Royalty Tax Credit    
AV Avco    
AW Anaconda Wire    
AX Axel    
BA Bell Aerospace    
BI Beckman Instruments    
BL Bliley    
BO Boeing    
BR Bourns    
BREB Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board    
BTCL Bangladesh Telecommunications Limited    
BU Burndy    
BX Bendix    
CA Carrier Aircraft    
CC CardCaptors    
CD Cornell Dubilier    
CE Con Ele Dyn    
CG Chicago Lamp    
ch Channel Header    
CH Channel    
CI Cinch    
CK Component Research    
CL Centralab    
CM Cambridge Thermionics    
CN Corning    
CO Canon    
COE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers    
CP Clare Pendar    
CPWD Central Public Works Department    
CR Collins Radio    
CRES Competitive Retail Electric Supplier    
CS Commercial Standard (per the USDoC)    
CS Control Switch    
CT CTS Knights    
CU Cutler-Hammer    
CV Crown Microwave    
CW Continental Winchester