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! logical NOT, negation (programming, IC design)    
% percent    
&c and so forth [et cetera [Lat.])    
* In searches, a wildcard    
. current directory (UNIX and DOS)    
.. parent directory (UNIX and DOS)    
/ floating point division    
10-QSB Quarterly and Transition Reports of Small Business    
10d ten pence    
10Q Report on stock that businesses need to file with the Federal Government    
1Q First Quarter    
24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week    
2Q Second Quarter    
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project    
3PL 3rd Party Logistics    
3Q Third Quarter    
3YP Three Year Period    
4CC Four-Character Code    
4Q Fourth Quarter    
5S Sifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Standardizing, Sustaining    
5XBCOER 5 X-Bar Central Office Equipment Reports System    
5YP Five Year Plan    
6S Six Sigma    
6S Sifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Standardizing, Sustaining, Safety    
@ at    
A Archived    
A Approved    
A&M Approach and Methodology    
a/o and/or    
A/V Audio/Video    
A2K Access to Knowledge    
AA Ascii Art    
AA Automobile Association (UK)    
AA Affirmative Action    
AA Acceptance and Action    
AAA Alter, Avoid, or Accept    
AAA Automatic Artwork Alignment    
Aaa Advanced Available and Affordable    
AAA Authentication Authorisation and Accounting    
AAAC Advisory Affirmative Action Committee    
AAAF Atracc Atm Added Functions    
AAAT Area, Aptitude, Attitude, Traffic    
AAATP Advanced Administrative Assistant Training Program    
AABA Airport Area Business Association    
AABB Axis-Aligned Bounding Box    
AABN Access Allies of Bloomington-Normal    
AABN Australian Arab Business Network    
AAC Augmentative and Assistive Computing    
AAC Advanced Activity Concept    
AAC At All Costs