What does LFG mean?

LFG means Looking For Group

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What is the abbreviation for Looking For Group?

Looking For Group can be abbreviated as LFG
What does LFG mean? It stands for Looking For Group
LFG - Looking For Group in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Happy to announce that Clubs, LFG, Achievement Rarity, Group Messaging, performance updates - all rolling out today for Xbox! #Xbox

Clubs and LFG features start rolling out to Preview members on the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS and Android devices over the next few days.

Surprising a few Xbox Live members by applying and joining some LFG posts on Xbox Live. Meeting some great new friends!

Xbox Live Clubs & LFG features are now available to everyone via the Beta of the Xbox app on Windows 10 and Android


It's Streaming time! Let's take a look at the new Clubs and LFG features coming to Xbox Preview members

The Xbox Holiday Update is rolling out, bringing clubs, group chat, LFG, emojis and more.

Yes, @CEOgaming's reaction was inappropriate and inconsiderate of the all the gamers that LFG represents.

Hey #PAXWest! Need some new threads? Drop by during our LFG Hour in Room 3AB to score a free ESO t-shirt! #ESOHQ

Last night I ran some LFG dungeons, nearly everyone was new or "first time playing since BC". It was actually pretty cool to see. @Warcraft

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Gamers asked to look into it. I run LFG, a gaming advocacy group. It's my job to ask hard questions for gamers. @MNB_Climax

Xbox One's new Clubs, LFG, and Group Messaging are rolling out to all owners in a big update

A special shoutout for #RIFTgame's own special RADAR on #nationaldogday - he knows his weapons and may be LFG!

Xbox One's new Clubs, LFG, and Group Messaging are rolling out to all owners in a big update

Get your #PAXWest Shadows of the Hist mini-poster signed by the ESO Dev team during our LFG Hour in Room 3AB! #ESOHQ

Speaking of LFG, I'm just a Drov, Tarina, and a Shadowmoon away from my Pepe Whistle @Warcraft #MojosNotHappy

If you are sick of LFG's join my Destiny PS4 FaceBook community Over 35,000 active members!

At my favorite bar in my college days @HarpersMSU #LFG

Of course not. LFG is trying to protect cosplayers at events and hotels and we're looking for an explanation/statement. @wild_golbat


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does LFG stand for?
LFG stands for "Looking For Group".
How to abbreviate "Looking For Group"?
"Looking For Group" can be abbreviated as LFG.
What is the meaning of LFG abbreviation?
The meaning of LFG abbreviation is "Looking For Group".
What is LFG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LFG is "Looking For Group".
What does LFG mean?
LFG as abbreviation means "Looking For Group".
What is shorthand of Looking For Group?
The most common shorthand of "Looking For Group" is LFG.