What does UAE mean?

UAE means Unrecoverable Application Error

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What is the abbreviation for Unrecoverable Application Error?

2 ways to abbreviate Unrecoverable Application Error
Unrecoverable Application Error can be abbreviated as UAE
Other shorthands for Unrecoverable Application Error are: uaes
What does UAE mean? It stands for Unrecoverable Application Error
UAE - Unrecoverable Application Error in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Our best wishes to everyone celebrating the festival of Diwali in the UAE and beyond; may the light guide you all and bring you joy!

Women empower the UAE society today as: 2/3rds of government employees & university graduates & 1/3rd of our Cabinet

INNAHLILAH: MNS hs indicted all foren friends Sheks of Saud/UAE/Qatar in SC. Wth so much evidence if SC acquits them, InnaLillah 4 Judiciary

Tolerance is a basic requirement for peaceful coexistence between all who live in the UAE. Tolerance is our message against hate and racism

Despite UAE's history of human rights abuses, the Danish Business Authority approved selling them surveillance tools

The UAE's message has always been one of tolerance, coexistence & peace.@HHShkMohd's message today is clear:no to hate,racism & sectarianism

The UAE is a beacon of tolerance for the world, thanks to the values instilled by the late Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid

BAE Systems is selling surveillance tools to the UAE, a country known for imprisoning and torturing dissidents.

CBI to send request to UAE for extradition of Christian Michel James, the alleged middle man in the VVIP Chopper deal (PTI)

Thank you UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority @TheUAETRA |

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#DearZindagi to release in USA-Canada on Wed, 23 Nov [Thanksgiving weekend], 2 days *before* India [Fri, 25 Nov]... UAE-GCC on Thu, 24 Nov.

The spyware was detected when used against Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights activist in the UAE

President Kagame is now meeting with Young Presidents Association members visiting Rwanda from UAE,Israel,Australia,Scotland, Hong Kong, USA

It lives! How the UAE is recruiting hackers from around the world for the perfect surveillance state: by me

#WATCH CBI to send request to UAE for extradition of the alleged middleman in AgustaWestland case Christian Michel

Another installment of UAE buying spyware following yesterday's NSO Group iPhone news:

7-year-old Algerian boy awarded 150,000 USD by UAE PM @HHShkMohd in Arab Reading Challenge @DXBmediaoffice

CBI to send request to UAE for extradition of Christian Michel to examine role of politicians and bureaucrats: Sources #AgustaWestland

Note that in Marrakesh Nov. 16, UAE DPM said UAE ready to provide all possible support in economic and security fields to stabilize #Libya.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does UAE stand for?
UAE stands for "Unrecoverable Application Error".
How to abbreviate "Unrecoverable Application Error"?
"Unrecoverable Application Error" can be abbreviated as UAE.
What is the meaning of UAE abbreviation?
The meaning of UAE abbreviation is "Unrecoverable Application Error".
What is UAE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of UAE is "Unrecoverable Application Error".
What does UAE mean?
UAE as abbreviation means "Unrecoverable Application Error".
What is shorthand of Unrecoverable Application Error?
The most common shorthand of "Unrecoverable Application Error" is UAE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word UAE in term.