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A&H Accident and health insurance    
AAA American Academy of Actuaries    
AAA abdominal aortic aneurysm    
AACI American Association of Crops Insurers    
AADC American Association of Dental Consultants    
AAI Accredited Adviser in Insurance    
AAI Alliance of American Insurers    
AAIMC American Association of Insurance Management Consultants    
AAIS American Association of Insurance Services    
AALU Association for Advanced Life Underwriting    
AAM Associate in Automation Management    
AAMGA American Association of Managing General Agents    
AAPL American Association of Petroleum Landmen    
ACAS Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society    
ACC anti-concurrent cause provision    
ACCI American Corporate Counsel Institute    
ACFIC Auto Club Family Insurance Company    
ACIC American Commerce Insurance Company    
ACII Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute    
ACIP Arizona Counties Insurance Pool    
ACLI American Council of Life Insurers    
ACLU American College of Life Underwriters    
ACMI Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance    
ACORD Association for Cooperative Operations, Research and Development    
ACSC Association of Casualty and Surety Companies    
ACV Actual Cash Value    
ACWRRE American Cargo War Risk Reinsurance Exchange    
AD&D Accidental Death and Dismemberment    
ADB Accidental Death Benefit    
ADIB Albany District Insurance Brokers    
ADIP Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan    
ADR American Depository Receipt    
AEIA American Excess Insurance Association    
AFI Armed Forces Insurance    
AFIA American Foreign Insurance Association    
AFSB Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding    
AGC Associated General Contractors of America    
AGIA Association Group Insurance Administrators    
AHIS American Hull Insurance Syndicate    
AHV Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung (Social Insurance, Suisse)    
AI Additional Insured    
AIA American Insurance Association    
AIA The American Insurance Association    
AIAF Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (insurance)    
AIC Agency Insurance Company    
AIC Associate In Claims    
AICA Arizona Insurance Claims Association    
AICP Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals    
AICP AIDS Insurance Continuation Program    
aicpa L'American Institute of Certified Public Accountants