What does ROF mean?

ROF means Rolling On (the) Floor

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What is the abbreviation for Rolling On (the) Floor?

2 ways to abbreviate Rolling On (the) Floor
Rolling On (the) Floor can be abbreviated as ROF
Other shorthands for Rolling On (the) Floor are: RTF
What does ROF mean? It stands for Rolling On (the) Floor
ROF - Rolling On (the) Floor in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ROF

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#AudiDuel .lla meht fo ezirp tsehgih eht rof hsinif eht ot leud cipe na ni tuo ti ekud sregnellahc owT

Ladies and gents, our new singer Giacomo Voli! We are so happy to welcome him in the ROF family.

Enjoy the game tonight! Be LOUD on defense, disrupt Brock with noise & salute the RoF members. Big night in Denver where it is 70 degrees!

Poison grass? Rof,l! Thank you, very flattered!

Broncos put on great ROF event for Fletcher, Lynch, Elam. Strong showing by Annabel and Bowlen family.PR, @psmyth12 splashed it big. #9news

Congrats to two tremendous teammates - Simon Fletcher & Jason Elam - and one of the all-time greats - John Lynch - on joining our ROF!

Hoop al die Bulls fans ga bietjie uitkom om vir Atter en manne te ondersteun. Sharks moet voel hoe dit voel as Loftus vol is en dit rof is

Inscriptions encore ouvertes pour la ROF Summer 2016 du 11 et 12 juin !! @RepOfFighters

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What does ROF stand for?
ROF stands for "Rolling On (the) Floor".
How to abbreviate "Rolling On (the) Floor"?
"Rolling On (the) Floor" can be abbreviated as ROF.
What is the meaning of ROF abbreviation?
The meaning of ROF abbreviation is "Rolling On (the) Floor".
What is ROF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ROF is "Rolling On (the) Floor".
What does ROF mean?
ROF as abbreviation means "Rolling On (the) Floor".
What is shorthand of Rolling On (the) Floor?
The most common shorthand of "Rolling On (the) Floor" is ROF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ROF in term.

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