What does MOTD mean?

MOTD means Message of the Day

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What is the abbreviation for Message of the Day?

3 ways to abbreviate Message of the Day
Message of the Day can be abbreviated as MOTD
Other shorthands for Message of the Day are: mod, MTD
What does MOTD mean? It stands for Message of the Day
MOTD - Message of the Day in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MOTD

If Leicester retain the title I'll do the first MOTD next season naked, standing on my head while Shearer and Wrighty beat me with a stick.

Still here, folks. #Motd 10.20 BBC1

Are you kidding me goal of the month on MOTD Ramirez never been better than Payets.... Payet took on 5 men half a team.

The MOTD running order: Liv/WBA, Lei/CP, Bur/Eve, Hull/Sto, WHU/Sun, Ars/Boro, Bou/Tot, Swa/Wat. Join us on @BBCOne at 10.20

So, Chelsea top the Premier League table. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for watching! #MOTD

Adama Traore v Hector Bellerin in a 100m dash would be some battle. Traore is a speed demon #Boro #MOTD

That Mane goal for #LFC was beautiful to watch #MOTD

I like MOTD, why would I boycott it?

First touch = goal Second touch = goal Not a bad impact from Olivier Giroud... #MOTD @BBCOne

We'll leave you with the @premierleague table - look how close it is at the top! #MOTD

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Liverpool have scored 79 league goals since Jurgen Klopp took charge - three more than any other team #MOTD @BBCOne

Palace back to 2-2. Stoke level things at West Ham. Great #motd in the making. Who needs politics?

What an inspired signing Nacer Chadli has been for Tony Pulis & West Brom #MOTD #WBA

What a finish that was from the birthday boy Mesut Ozil! #MOTD #AFC

'The Humiliated One'. Forget the 'Special One'! #MOTD takes a look at today's back pages.

Just catching up on MOTD. So impressed by how quickly Conte has energised Chelsea. Expected an improvement, but not this much this quick.

Benched for #Boro last year, centre stage on MOTD this - Forshaw at home in the Premier League | @DomShawGazette

#MOTD's @GaryLineker has also had his say.

Missing #MOTD? They've been filming in Hull and here's why


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does MOTD stand for?
MOTD stands for "Message of the Day".
How to abbreviate "Message of the Day"?
"Message of the Day" can be abbreviated as MOTD.
What is the meaning of MOTD abbreviation?
The meaning of MOTD abbreviation is "Message of the Day".
What is MOTD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MOTD is "Message of the Day".
What does MOTD mean?
MOTD as abbreviation means "Message of the Day".
What is shorthand of Message of the Day?
The most common shorthand of "Message of the Day" is MOTD.