What does CSS mean?

CSS means Cascade Style Sheet

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What is the abbreviation for Cascade Style Sheet?

Cascade Style Sheet can be abbreviated as CSS
What does CSS mean? It stands for Cascade Style Sheet
CSS - Cascade Style Sheet in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Punjabi bureaucrats, who did CSS thinking of "public service"should preserve this photo as part of their achievement

Punjabi bureaucrats, who did CSS thinking of "public service"should preserve this photo as part of their achievement

La vicepresidenta debe echar un vistazo a 1. Tocumen S.A 2. DAS 3. Miviot 4. IMA 5. CSS Son algunas instituciones q han sido cuestionadas.

Los asegurados merecemos un director con capacidad y comprometido con la CSS. El actual no cumple y debe renunciar

.@ThePracticalDev Our new house also has CSS issues.

10. President @UKenyatta should condemn this act of his CSs asking for a bribe in form of facilitation fees #KiunjuriAnotherWaiguru

Los cambios realizados x el Director de la CSS al contrato millonario del Foro no cambia nada, es dinero del pueblo q esta siendo mal usado.

Text spinners, CSS-only inline loading indicators.

Interesting thoughts on when to use CSS Grid Layout, and when to use Flexbox. By @rachelandrew.

Choose your CSS classes carefully.

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Asamblea aprueba citar a Giron de la CSS y al ministro Mayo para responder cuestionario sobre falta de medicamentos.

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What does CSS stand for?
CSS stands for "Cascade Style Sheet".
How to abbreviate "Cascade Style Sheet"?
"Cascade Style Sheet" can be abbreviated as CSS.
What is the meaning of CSS abbreviation?
The meaning of CSS abbreviation is "Cascade Style Sheet".
What is CSS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CSS is "Cascade Style Sheet".
What does CSS mean?
CSS as abbreviation means "Cascade Style Sheet".
What is shorthand of Cascade Style Sheet?
The most common shorthand of "Cascade Style Sheet" is CSS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CSS in term.