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Look through 165 acronyms and abbreviations related to Mime types:

.AI application/postscript    
.AIF audio/x-aiff    
.AIFC audio/x-aiff    
.AIFF audio/x-aiff    
.ASC text/plain    
.AU audio/basic    
.AVI video/x-msvideo    
.BCPIO application/x-bcpio    
.BIN application/octet-stream    
.C text/plain    
.CC text/plain    
.CCAD application/clariscad    
.CDF application/x-netcdf    
.CLASS application/octet-stream    
.CPIO application/x-cpio    
.CPT application/mac-compactpro    
.CSH application/x-csh    
.CSS text/css    
.DCR application/x-director    
.DIR application/x-director    
.DMS application/octet-stream    
.DOC application/msword    
.DRW Drawing; Application/Drafting    
.DVI application/x-dvi    
.DWG application/acad    
.DXF application/dxf    
.DXR application/x-director    
.EPS application/postscript    
.ETX text/x-setext    
.EXE application/octet-stream    
.EZ application/andrew-inset    
.F text/plain    
.F90 text/plain    
.FLI video/x-fli    
.GIF image/gif    
.GTAR application/x-gtar    
.GZ application/x-gzip    
.H text/plain    
.HDF application/x-hdf    
.HH text/plain    
.HQX application/mac-binhex40    
.HTM text/    
.HTML text/    
.ICE x-conference/x-cooltalk    
.IEF image/ief    
.IGES model/iges    
.IGS model/iges    
.IPS application/x-ipscript    
.IPX application/x-ipix    
.JPE image/jpeg