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### Doublespace Compressed Volume File    
#24 LocoScript Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer    
#GF MetaFont Font file    
#IB LocoScript Printer data file    
#SC LocoScript Printer data file    
#ST LocoScript Standard mode printer definition file    
$$P OS/2 Notes file    
$$S OS/2 Spreadsheet    
$00 DOS Pipe file    
$1 ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format    
$D$ Data (OS/2 Planner)    
$DB Temporary file (dBASE IV)    
$ED Editor temporary file (MS C)    
$LN TLink response file (Borland C )    
$O1 Pipe file (DOS)    
$VM Windows 3.x Virtual manager temporary file    
&&& Temporary file    
)2( LHA archiver temporary file (LHA)    
.DS_STORE Desktop Services Store (OS X hidden file)    
.gif graphics interchange format    
.m2ts .m2ts is the file format for Blu-Ray Disc Audio/Visual (BDAV) movies. It stands for MPEG-2 (Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 2) Transport Stream.    
0 Compressed harddisk data (DoubleSpace)    
001 Fax (Hayes JT FAX) (many)    
075 75x75 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)    
085 85x85 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)    
091 91x91 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)    
096 96x96 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)    
0B Printer font with lineDraw extended character set (PageMaker)    
10X Gemini 10x printer graphics file - Bitmap graphics    
123 Lotus123 Data file    
12M Lotus123 Smartmaster file    
15U Printer font with PI font set (PageMaker)    
1ST Usually README.1ST text    
24B 24bit data Bitmap graphics    
286 Virtual device driver (Windows standard mode)    
2GR VGA graphics driver (Windows Video grabber)    
301 Fax (Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96))    
386 Virtual device driver (Windows 386 enhanced mode)    
3D2 Atari Stereo CAD-3D 3D data file    
3DM QuickDraw 3D Metafile (QuickDraw)    
3DMF QuickDraw 3D Metafile (QuickDraw)    
3DS Graphics (Autodesk 3D Studio)    
3FX 3D effects (CorelChart)    
3gp Video format compatible with mobile devices    
3GR VGA graphics driver (Windows Video grabber)    
3T4 Util3 Binary file converter to ASCII    
4C$ 4Cast/2 Datafile    
4GE Informix 4G Compiled source code file    
4GL Informix 4GL language source code file    
4MD Musical file