What does FITB mean?

FITB means Fill In The Blank

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What is the abbreviation for Fill In The Blank?

3 ways to abbreviate Fill In The Blank
Fill In The Blank can be abbreviated as FITB
Other shorthands for Fill In The Blank are: FTB, fb
What does FITB mean? It stands for Fill In The Blank
FITB - Fill In The Blank in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FITB

#SaturdayNightRapShow #FITB from @TIONWAYNE and I catch up with @DJWhooKid and @TonyYayo 10PM @BBCR1 @1Xtra OWWWWW #BigManTing

I think it's time for my FITB Pt4...

5years uno, and man think i just done a FITB and couple diss tracks. I'm about 100 songs deep out ere.

I think ima perform my fitb for the first time ever at my show.

Deutsche Bank is now worth less than Ohio-based regional bank Fifth Third $DB $FITB

.@MicRighteous follows up his impressive FITB with visuals to "Survivor"

Weekend Review and Watchlist $FITB $AIZ $APA $APC $CHK $COG $VEEV $GIMO

Weekend Review and Watchlist $SPX $JPM $FITB $AIG $BHI $ZTS $VMW $SSTK $NFLX $JWN $KSS

Urge hacer un gran foro para rescatar y repotenciar el FITB.

'Dead Dog in a Suitcase', la obra revolucionaria del @FITBogota --> #Teatro

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Suprise FITB on @CharlieSloth @1Xtra #KanoFireInTheBooth Watch it here:

La arbitrariedad no es buen camino para arreglar los problemas del FITB y del Teatro Nacional.

El FITB ha sido mal gestionado y tiene deudas que lo ponen en peligro. Hay que contar toda la historia.

.@AyMagdalena Hay algo podrido en el reino del Teatro Nacional y del FITB, doloroso es decirlo.

.@paulchowdhry: "Ready made roti, I roll mine" A NSFW #FITB schooling for @CharlieSloth! >

For all those asking you can get a copy of the book I was reciting from in FITB here


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What does FITB stand for?
FITB stands for "Fill In The Blank".
How to abbreviate "Fill In The Blank"?
"Fill In The Blank" can be abbreviated as FITB.
What is the meaning of FITB abbreviation?
The meaning of FITB abbreviation is "Fill In The Blank".
What is FITB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FITB is "Fill In The Blank".
What does FITB mean?
FITB as abbreviation means "Fill In The Blank".
What is shorthand of Fill In The Blank?
The most common shorthand of "Fill In The Blank" is FITB.

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