What does JP mean?

JP means Just playing 

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What is the abbreviation for Just playing ?

Just playing  can be abbreviated as JP
Other shorthands for Just playing  are: J/P, JPG, JPSC, JP, jpa
What does JP mean? It stands for Just playing 
JP - Just playing  in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having JP

TOKYO, here we come! Thank you @JAL_Official_jp for the beautiful plane!

25 June : Me and @governorswaraj with JP - who led movement against emergency - at JPs residence 40 yrs back.

<TWICEcoaster : LANE 1> Pre-Order(HANTEO CHART OK) EN

Jason Peters is called #TheBodyguard for a reason. Nice grab, JP. #FlyEaglesFly

Hmmm. JCB and Dyson versus Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Toughie, this. #VoteLeave

With JP, Morarji, Nanaji Deshmukh on June 25 1975--night before Emergency declared--at Ramlila Grounds Delhi

Just met a real life JP at Twickenham, he referred to his group of mates as 'the lash bandicoots'

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What does JP stand for?
JP stands for "Just playing ".
How to abbreviate "Just playing "?
"Just playing " can be abbreviated as JP.
What is the meaning of JP abbreviation?
The meaning of JP abbreviation is "Just playing ".
What is JP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JP is "Just playing ".
What does JP mean?
JP as abbreviation means "Just playing ".
What is shorthand of Just playing ?
The most common shorthand of "Just playing " is JP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word JP in term.