What does POS mean?

POS means Parent Over Shoulder

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What is the abbreviation for Parent Over Shoulder?

Parent Over Shoulder can be abbreviated as POS
Other shorthands for Parent Over Shoulder are: p.o.s., p.o.s, p^s, PBS
What does POS mean? It stands for Parent Over Shoulder
POS - Parent Over Shoulder in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having POS

Govt: Cash to be dispensed at 2500 petrol pumps; Cash to be given by swiping of debit/credit card via POS machine

I hate @realDonaldTrump entirely but honestly if he feels like not paying for this POS I'm with him.

So in the WSJ/NBC Poll, Obama wins literally by 10 points more than he actually did! THAT, my friends, is some biased POS polling.

No poll has been a more wildly erratic POS the last two weeks than this new ABC tracking poll. It is a hot mess.

Utk ekstra keamanan,Polrestabes hadirkan Pos Polisi di Tamansari, Dipati Ukur, Ciumbuleuit, Ahmad Yani, Alun2, Pahlawan, Suci & Jln Jakarta.

Now let's watch all of the talking heads on the Sunday shows present this POS WAPO poll without any mention of the HUGE D+ sample.

People can get cash at 2,500 petrol pumps with POS machines of SBI by swiping debit/credit cards: Govt

Momento pos-Gol assim desde a cabine @Cruzeiro @wanchopeabila9 1-0 @Corinthians

New NBC/WSJ poll. Obama beat Romney by 4. With respondents to the POS poll, Obama won by 14, a 10 point gift to Hillary. #smh

Cash to be dispensed at 2500 petrol pumps; cash to be given by swiping of debit/credit card via POS machine: Govt #CashChaos

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...against swiping of debit card from select petrol pumps where POS machines of SBI are already available

Dapatkan nasi lemak NENEK SAYA BEKAS DARA di depan rumah SENAH JIPANG k!sebelah pejabat pos yg ada tulis SUDIN WUZ ERE kat dinding!#dapnye

PT Pos Indonesia Luncurkan Perangko Atlet Peraih Emas PON

Veggies, fruits, vada pav, bhurji pav, all street side vendors, kirana shops, anyone without a PoS, tomorrow is going to be bad. Pity them.

SBI PoS machines to be used to dispense cash up to Rs 2,000 in petrol stations

Folks, stop using debit cards for purchases (POS). Unsafe. Use credit cards. For online, virtual credit cards or wallets even better.

#FIFAFutsal2016: Argentina y Paraguay van en pos de las semifinales

Just talked to GOPer who questioned whether the FBI announcement boosted Trump #s: "It didn't change the fact that he's a misogynistic POS."

Technisch alles op orde in Austin in de comm pos. Als t weer ook mee wil werken zou fijn zijn #USAGP


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What does POS stand for?
POS stands for "Parent Over Shoulder".
How to abbreviate "Parent Over Shoulder"?
"Parent Over Shoulder" can be abbreviated as POS.
What is the meaning of POS abbreviation?
The meaning of POS abbreviation is "Parent Over Shoulder".
What is POS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of POS is "Parent Over Shoulder".
What does POS mean?
POS as abbreviation means "Parent Over Shoulder".
What is shorthand of Parent Over Shoulder?
The most common shorthand of "Parent Over Shoulder" is POS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word POS in term.