What does CFD mean?

CFD means Call For Discussion

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What is the abbreviation for Call For Discussion?

Call For Discussion can be abbreviated as CFD
What does CFD mean? It stands for Call For Discussion
CFD - Call For Discussion in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CFD

One thing I've learned from real CFD... they don't stop caring when they're on their days off. Well done, Kidd. #ChicagoFire

Bull, the firedog at CFD's Engine 116 in West Englewood, has been missing for a week:

2. @zoellneremily Since you are back in the writers room for s5 can we get a Annual CFD BBQ this season?> That'd be fun... 2nd episode ever!

While we ponder the fate of SHEETS ON FIRE, another shout out to superfans @JustKatieH, @dawsey_cfd, and @AAFEgleek. Thanks! #ChicagoFire

Chief Walker! A real CFD deputy district Chief. Total stud. #ChicagoFire #ChicagoFirePremiere

Bad news for Scotland islands today as UK Gov not to include us in next round of CfD despite EU approval UK avoided getting formal approval.

Menag Ikut Gerak Jalan Umat Lintas Agama di Ajang CFD.

Area CFD, dari Olahraga Sampai Ajang Promosi

Menag Hadiri Acara Gerak Jalan Umat Lintas Beragama di Kawasan CFD

Serious CFD Calls for Serious CFD Software

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#BREAKING UPDATE: CFD confirms one person is dead inside a home near Taylor Ave. in east Columbus. #10TV

Helooo.. Mi Bunny lagi jalan jalan di CFD nih, siapa yang lagi disini ya? #WeekendwithMi

Sampurasun Bandung! Yuk datang ke booth kami di CFD Dago Bandung. Byk aktifitas seru loh, diantosan nyaa.

Sempat Diguyur Hujan, Warga Tetap Antusias Berolahraga di CFD

Presiden Jokowi dan Istri Ramaikan CFD di Kampung Halaman

Warga Jakarta Penikmat CFD Jengah dengan Pemimpin Arogan

Tough situation here. @ColumbusPolice can't go in because house is on fire. CFD can't go in bc suspect could be dangerous. @nbc4i

Jgn lupa bsk lelang brg/sepeda utk Galang Dana sobat Budisimo @ CFD ujung Blora @B2WIndonesia @fixietas @idfoldingbike @KOSKAS_JAKARTA

Djarot Batal Sepedaan di CFD, Ini Sebabnya


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CFD stand for?
CFD stands for "Call For Discussion".
How to abbreviate "Call For Discussion"?
"Call For Discussion" can be abbreviated as CFD.
What is the meaning of CFD abbreviation?
The meaning of CFD abbreviation is "Call For Discussion".
What is CFD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CFD is "Call For Discussion".
What does CFD mean?
CFD as abbreviation means "Call For Discussion".
What is shorthand of Call For Discussion?
The most common shorthand of "Call For Discussion" is CFD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CFD in term.