What does BSG mean?

BSG means Big Smiling Grin

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What is the abbreviation for Big Smiling Grin?

Big Smiling Grin can be abbreviated as BSG
What does BSG mean? It stands for Big Smiling Grin
BSG - Big Smiling Grin in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BSG

Getting blowback for saying Melania has an "alien look" but I don't think that's insult! HAVE YOU SEEN BSG? Capt. Kirk's bevvy of alien gfs?

#Vancouver COME!!! We would love to have you!! Our cast is full of the AWESOMES!!! #The100 #bsg #SPNFamily #iZombie

Vor dem Leipzig-Derby #bsglok appellieren Heiko Scholz und Hansi Leitzke an die Fans. @nur_die_bsg @1fclokleipzig

2006: BSG: "The toasters will destroy us." 2016: DDoS: "The toasters will destroy us." All this has happened before.

Links gegen rechts. Ein politisch brisantes Duell im #Sachsenpokal: Lok gegen BSG Chemie

Join us, 12pm PST TODAY on FB Live for #BSG Trivia!: wins... what does it mean?! ;)

#UK #England #BSG #jamiebamber @numb_movie hope you can make it!

Yes we have lots of #BSG fans in the room... and #StarTrek fans!!!! #Arrow

y'all people voting for trump because he's rich is like when people voted for gaius baltar because he was "smart" #BSG

This Men of "Battlestar Galactica" reunion photo will carry me through this weekend (via @TahmohPenikett) #BSG

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A very happy birthday to the Admiral. #BSG @edwardjolmos

My only regret from last night was finally plucking up the courage to tell Ron how much I loved BSG but being to drunk to stand up straight.

Orlando, #SPNFamily #SPN #dollhouse #BSG come down and say hi to @Dichenlachman and I at @conjureflorida !

Our #BSG family suffered a great blow w/ the passing of Gary Hutzel. His talent & VFX genius shaped the look of our show. He will be missed.

A little #bts from #BSG for #tbt! Woot! Me and the TV wifey. @kateesackhoff

Just came back to the hotel from filming in a set in the snow and Xmas spirit to a bunch of tweets about Cylons. #BSG #NeverGetsOld

Thanks so much to @kateesackhoff @TahmohPenikett and Grace Park for that amazing #BSG panel tonight! #sosayweall

Tonight at 7pm @calgaryexpo in the Corral, I'm moderating BSG with @kateesackhoff @TahmohPenikett and Grace Park! #CCEE

My bud @nickiclyne + other bsg'ers are kickstarting a new web-series @PersonalSp_ce. Help them make it a reality!


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What does BSG stand for?
BSG stands for "Big Smiling Grin".
How to abbreviate "Big Smiling Grin"?
"Big Smiling Grin" can be abbreviated as BSG.
What is the meaning of BSG abbreviation?
The meaning of BSG abbreviation is "Big Smiling Grin".
What is BSG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BSG is "Big Smiling Grin".
What does BSG mean?
BSG as abbreviation means "Big Smiling Grin".
What is shorthand of Big Smiling Grin?
The most common shorthand of "Big Smiling Grin" is BSG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BSG in term.