What does SPAM mean?

SPAM means Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Computing & IT category.
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What is the abbreviation for Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail?

Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail can be abbreviated as SPAM
What does SPAM mean? It stands for Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail
SPAM - Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SPAM

Maneras de hacer spam en 2016 (lo peor es que la gente se suscribe :'v)

Alt-right & bogus news sites ran posts about a Wikileaks "bombshell" ...that turned out to be spam. #inners

I have dm'd them and will announce the next one in like 30 mins to avoid spam :)

You may think my life is exciting but I'm alone eating pasta that isn't quite what I ordered and spam-texting my friend about erasers

Leafy Blocked the word "Chin" & "IDubbbz" from his channel comments. If u type that it goes to auto spam


Facebook & Google seem as ill-prepared for fake news today as email providers were for spam in the early 2000s. Cost to society even higher.

@miniminter Also, feel free to include skills or props in the goals, to make it a bit more interesting, sorry for the spam, but thanks!

posting a new instagram skit rn! get ready!!!:)))))) if you tag some friends I'll spam ya ;)

We have elected the equivalent of a spam email to the highest office

More Comments with SPAM...

Mari mari siapa nak menang kupon 11st, spam twitter #MeleTOP bebanyak malam ni okayy?!

Google and Facebook face a major hurdle in the messaging revolution: chatbot spam

.@RinoTheBouncer @Lorie_O @AccessTheAnimus Always be ready to spam that button!

USA has serious enough global branding issues. What toll will be exacted by Trumps spam campaign agst all world leaders, legislators?

There's some kind of reused credentials Skype spam URL worm going around. You should check your Skype if you re-use credentials..

I feel like spamming No Man's Sky content but I don't want to spam people lol how many should I do a week?

Video got flagged for spam and scam??? I was only promoting my CS GO LottoScam site??? What's wrong with that???

What happens when you accidentally spam 840,000 coworkers

Don't spam your fans


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What does SPAM stand for?
SPAM stands for "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail".
How to abbreviate "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail"?
"Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail" can be abbreviated as SPAM.
What is the meaning of SPAM abbreviation?
The meaning of SPAM abbreviation is "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail".
What is SPAM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SPAM is "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail".
What does SPAM mean?
SPAM as abbreviation means "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail".
What is shorthand of Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail?
The most common shorthand of "Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail" is SPAM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SPAM in term.