What does EG mean?

EG means Evil Grin

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What is the abbreviation for Evil Grin?

Evil Grin can be abbreviated as EG
Other shorthands for Evil Grin are: >-), :twisted:, (grin), *eg*, >:), ]:)
What does EG mean? It stands for Evil Grin
EG - Evil Grin in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having EG

Day one: @FearDotA retires from competitive @DOTA2 and transitions to team coach for EG.

Day two: EG's new @DOTA2 roster revealed. See the full line-up:

V worried 300 children turned away frm safe areas in Calais as camp ablaze. French must act urgently eg reopen Jules Ferry centre for them

Muito obrigado @Corinthians @EG_00!! #ThankYou #BrazilianGP

and EG takes the win! This was fun, we should try and do this more often @teamsecret #MDL

In parliament to debate #HomelessnessReductionBill & called for urgent Govt funding to tackle underlying causes eg mental health @crisis_uk

Thank you everyone for your support. Don't worry you'll still see me around with EG for years to come. New roster is hype! #BleedBlue

They are not black money hoarders but honest daily wage earning citizens. Eg shopkeepers, traders, farmers, plumbers, electricians,... 10/n

Honor all veterans today. Then truly honor them by committing to expand VA services, including dental, eg, & refuse to allow privatization.

Call it a grudge match? Coming up: our new captain faces his old captain. EG vs OG on #MDL

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Could there be a greater reassurance than this from somebody at the top of the helm eg. Shri @arunjaitley !

Yonge-Eg has more residential units under review than all of Boston. They have 14 planners for that work. We have 2:

R.I.P. "Rel-EG-ation" jokes Oct 2016 - Nov 2016

Boutta play MacD/Zhu to try to make top 8 in doubles, @EG_PPMD give me your energy

It is and this keeps coming up, eg chain letters etc. But scale and efficiency are distinct.

1/3 Seit 7 Uhr durchsuchen unsere Kolleg. der EG LinX vom #LKA in #Berlin und #Leipzig mehrere Wohnungen wegen schweren Landfriedensbruchs.

Corbyn: Labour to vote against PM triggering Art 50 unless demands met eg gov cover any lost EU investment w #Brexit

For eg if you lived in places like Kaduna or Plateau during the periods of ethno-religious killings & reprisals, you likely know a murderer.

MSM can make bad decisions on what news to push (eg, Clinton's emails) & ignore (eg, Trump Foundation), but fake news different realm of bad


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does EG stand for?
EG stands for "Evil Grin".
How to abbreviate "Evil Grin"?
"Evil Grin" can be abbreviated as EG.
What is the meaning of EG abbreviation?
The meaning of EG abbreviation is "Evil Grin".
What is EG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of EG is "Evil Grin".
What does EG mean?
EG as abbreviation means "Evil Grin".
What is shorthand of Evil Grin?
The most common shorthand of "Evil Grin" is EG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word EG in term.