What does AOB mean?

AOB means Any Other Business

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What is the abbreviation for Any Other Business?

2 ways to abbreviate Any Other Business
Any Other Business can be abbreviated as AOB
Other shorthands for Any Other Business are: aobs
What does AOB mean? It stands for Any Other Business
AOB - Any Other Business in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AOB

2017 #AOB

LRT. Immunity for lawbreakers "urgent matter of national importance." #BenueMassacre not even on AOB. NIGERIA.

The baddest band in the land is here! Almost time for the Southern Heritage Classic! #BigBlueRising #AOB #AOBNation

Michelle aob

Gajarala Ravi alias Uday, the military commander of CPI (Maoist)'s AOB confirmed dead in operations

The baddest band in the land. #TSUAristocrats #AOB #AOBNation #BigBlueRising

Last year, the AOB put on a show at the JMC. The baddest band in the land will once again take the field on Sept. 3

The AOB is in mid-season form for tonight's @TSUTigersMBB exhibition game! #BigBlueRising

S/O to @IAmDjOfficial for @rjmrla first single " OMG " #AOB

Congratulations to the Aristocrat of Bands for being named the April Band of the Month #BigBlueRising #AOB

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Se registra lluvia en IZP, COY, TLP, BJU, CUJ, MAC, AOB, VCA e IZC; MIH y CUH. Tome sus precauciones.


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What does AOB stand for?
AOB stands for "Any Other Business".
How to abbreviate "Any Other Business"?
"Any Other Business" can be abbreviated as AOB.
What is the meaning of AOB abbreviation?
The meaning of AOB abbreviation is "Any Other Business".
What is AOB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AOB is "Any Other Business".
What does AOB mean?
AOB as abbreviation means "Any Other Business".
What is shorthand of Any Other Business?
The most common shorthand of "Any Other Business" is AOB.