1 BS - Big Smile in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

What does BS mean?

BS means Big Smile

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Computing & IT category.
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What is the abbreviation for Big Smile?

Big Smile can be abbreviated as BS
What does BS mean? It stands for Big Smile
BS - Big Smile in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BS

How the hell is that not a personal foul for roughing the K? And now they're saying Carpenter has to leave the field? Total BS.

.@BreitbartNews Sorry @iamwandasykes but this kind of BS doesn't fly anymore

I spent yesterday in Michigan getting out the vote. It was encouraging. Fingers crossed. C'mon fellow Michiganders. U know Trump is bs-ing u

This is BS. You have a 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, a picture of your ballot included.

FAKE MEDIA MEMES: 1) Trump will never run. 2) Trump won't last. 3) Trump has no ground game. 4) Trump transition in disarray. Endless BS.

This whole media meme that, "Trump was shocked by how big this job would be," is complete BS. The media never quits.

The reason FL had a "surge of Hispanic votes" on Sunday was because they only let urban polling places open. Kind of BS.

This is BS. You can't use the election as an excuse to normalize Trump's abnormal behavior

I will never BS you abt polls. I am not an expert but I can spot a fake poll expert a mile away. Stay away from these monkeys #ElectionNight

Hillary has the same .3% lead in NH Trump has in MI and they have long since called NH for Hillary. What BS.

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.@CNN reported Canadian "President" Trudeau called 4 Trump ban. Prime Minister Trudeau never did any such thing. Internet BS. Good job guys!

The media claims the Trump Transition is in disarray? Who is helping to lead it? @Reince, one of the best organizers in Washington. #BS.

The media stories of "Trump transition in chaos, monkeys running wild throwing poop!" are flying fast and furious. BS never ends.

Why telling women to just go to another state for an abortion is utter BS

Steve Kerr on the Klay to Boston rumor: "I think our guys know that stuff is almost always BS"

Obama says when he came in "we were losing 800K jobs per mth." UCLA economist Lee Ohanian says BS:

Not with the BS move on around baby

Told ya Texas wasn't in play. Very kind of some outlets to push that and help the Dems raise $$$ on that BS though.

Al Montoya has a family history that isn't typical in an NHL dressing room. READ | #GoHabsGo


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What does BS stand for?
BS stands for "Big Smile".
How to abbreviate "Big Smile"?
"Big Smile" can be abbreviated as BS.
What is the meaning of BS abbreviation?
The meaning of BS abbreviation is "Big Smile".
What is BS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BS is "Big Smile".
What does BS mean?
BS as abbreviation means "Big Smile".
What is shorthand of Big Smile?
The most common shorthand of "Big Smile" is BS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BS in term.