What does VBS mean?

VBS means Very Big Smile

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What is the abbreviation for Very Big Smile?

Very Big Smile can be abbreviated as VBS
What does VBS mean? It stands for Very Big Smile
VBS - Very Big Smile in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having VBS

If VBS Mutual Bank funded the full R7,8m then it was > its 2016 profit of R4,9m. Big loan for a small bank.

It's important that Zuma provide proof that he personally paid the R7.8 mil & that VBS Mutual Bank is not a front. - @MmusiMaimane #Nkandla

@GovernmentZA The President raised the amount through a home loan obtained from VBS Mutual Bank on its standard terms.

Pres. Zuma uses home loan from VBS Mutual Bank to pay back #Nkandla money #Paidbackthemoney

RT @AndiMakinana: President Zuma has paid R7 814 155. He raised the amount through a home loan from VBS Mutual Bank.

#Nkandla the Presidency says Zuma raised the cash through a loan from VBS Mutual Bank. BB

While both Zuma & VBS Bank claim a home loan agreement does exist, there is no evidence registered in the deeds registry. - @MmusiMaimane

Zuma says he repaid $537,000 to government for his #Nkandla benefits with a home loan from VBS Mutual Bank

What do blacks own? What? We know more about who leads VBS than who leads Discovery. VBS is crumbs of crumbs of crumbs! We own nothing!

Congratulations to all the winners of #SMEGA15 #VBS

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MT @sthembilecel: #ANCYL on Zuma paying back money. They will be mobilising professionals to open accounts with VBS

The #SMEGA15 RISING STAR Award go to the Virgin Foods Limited #VBS

The #SMEGA15 Agency Award goes to Rural Enterprises Program #VBS

The #SMEGA15 Technology Adoption Award goes to AgroAfrica Limited #VBS

Suche nach F/A-18-Piloten abgeschlossen: Der Mann wurde im Sustengebiet tot gefunden. Dies teilt das VBS mit. ^mh

The #SMEGA15 High Impact Award goes to Dr. Osei Kusi Foundation #VBS

The #SMEGA15 Long Service Award goes to Gyamfi Garment (1951 - Till Date) #VBS

The #SMEGA15 Overall Best SME of the year goes to the Learning Organization Company #VBS

A3. Churches can provide healthy meals at VBS, Sunday School, etc when school is not in session. #FoodFri


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does VBS stand for?
VBS stands for "Very Big Smile".
How to abbreviate "Very Big Smile"?
"Very Big Smile" can be abbreviated as VBS.
What is the meaning of VBS abbreviation?
The meaning of VBS abbreviation is "Very Big Smile".
What is VBS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of VBS is "Very Big Smile".
What does VBS mean?
VBS as abbreviation means "Very Big Smile".
What is shorthand of Very Big Smile?
The most common shorthand of "Very Big Smile" is VBS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word VBS in term.