What does TXT mean?

TXT means Text

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What is the abbreviation for Text?

Text can be abbreviated as TXT
Other shorthands for Text are: txting, t
What does TXT mean? It stands for Text
TXT - Text in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having TXT

Ominous txt from a friend who's way smarter than me: How much of his victory do you think was an unquenchable lust for wilder entertainment?

If there's someone in your life you haven't heard from in a while drop them a txt. You never know what they might be going through. #WMHD16

Me- wyd Dad- the kookaburras & magpies are welcoming a fresh Wednesday & just before sublime sleep I was- Real txt conversation with my dad

2. In feisty arguments, atty for @drose accused plaintiff atty of withholding 3 txt msgs that bolster defense case. #DoevRose

Horrifying accounts coming from #Aleppo tonight as Syrian regime steps up strikes. "Many people under the rubble" recent txt message. #Syria

@cringeweeknd I have a huge .txt filled with just stuff I plan on getting into when I retire. Piano and Drawing has always been near the top

Points for creativity! 24 of the Most Ridiculous Fanfiction Quotes from the Fanfiction_txt Twitter Account

Just looked through the stills (though predictive txt went for 'stools') and got absurdly excited about the film. Can't wait. @Aiannucci

I dont txt back instantly if ur boring

Bell Helicopter will build its next two commercial choppers in Canada, CEO says: $TXT

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We will give the txt words tomorrow-> 8a, 12n & 5p today for you to win!! #WWOBackstage #BBMAs

If you txt my phone and I say who this don't get in yo feelings ! Just say who u is DAM

@RickyPDillon txt me ur seat so I can fall asleep on u

Are you a #sidechick who wants to be the main chick? Call Stefanie at 1-888-321-5360 or txt JERRY to 88500 to be a guest! #JerrySpringer

3 more communities evacuated, #ymmfire still raging - I just sent this txt. U can give $5 too, txt REDCROSS to 30333

Ed Sheeran is nowhere to be found right now. But he sent this as had 2get involved #rednoseday Pls Txt GIVE to 80077

Just got surprised by a photographer in the middle of us supporting @makeawish_ie on Jersey Day. Txt WISHES to 50300

Summer's here! AND it's a Summer Jam weekend! listen 4 the cue & txt SUMMER to 71021 & win tix 2 #MixSummerJam w @GwenStefani + @TheRealEve!

Don't laugh at a funny txt when you're sitting w/ someone or they'll ask "what?" & you'll have to read it out loud & realize it's not funny.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does TXT stand for?
TXT stands for "Text".
How to abbreviate "Text"?
"Text" can be abbreviated as TXT.
What is the meaning of TXT abbreviation?
The meaning of TXT abbreviation is "Text".
What is TXT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of TXT is "Text".
What does TXT mean?
TXT as abbreviation means "Text".
What is shorthand of Text?
The most common shorthand of "Text" is TXT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word TXT in term.