What does LTR mean?

LTR means Letter

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What is the abbreviation for Letter?

Letter can be abbreviated as LTR
Other shorthands for Letter are: URLTR, LT, HLTA, Lett, yl
What does LTR mean? It stands for Letter
LTR - Letter in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LTR

Sen. Feinstein D-CA on Comey ltr today: "appalled" at release. July 5: "especially grateful to...Comey ...for thorough, objective review."

Just in: Atty Gen Lynch & Deputy Atty Gen Yates objected to FBI Dir Comey sending ltr to Congress so close to election - officials to #CNN

Wayne T. Jackson you've become a "brief visit," to "soften an image." MLK wrote the Ltr From Birmingham Jail for you

Fuel prices hiked again!! #Petrol by Rs 1.34/Ltr & #Diesel by Rs 2.37/Ltr. Too Much!

2. The price adjustment in NNPC downstream facilities from N141-N145/ltr is still within d price band of N135-N145/ltr approved by d PPPRA.

This story just gets weirder: The website for Trump's Doctor listed at the top of his ltr redirects to this site:

Today hand wrtn letters hv tkn a backstage. Joy of writing n reading a ltr is much more subtle than fast paced mode of msgng. #WorldPostDay

.@PressSec has ltr to ed in NYT about Obama admin great transparency record. I'll just put this here in response

Fuel prices revised w.e.f. midnight. Petrol price cut by Rs. 1.46/ltr and Diesel price cut by 1.53/ltr. Details on

IOC hikes petrol price by Rs 3.38/ltr in Delhi: diesel price by Rs 2.67/ltr in Delhi

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RollCall says WH struggles 2explain asking Congress 4 more Zika $$$. they have $ they haven't spent. My ltr to CDC is asking why? No answer

for every mother/father w/ daughters - read this charming ltr to my daughter by @Tom_Basile @Forbes

Breaking: FBI Comey sends new ltr to 8 Congressmen, says:"We have not changed our conclusions expressed in July a/b Clintonemail server."

<blockquote class="twitter-video" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Did <a...

In July of 2015, @HillaryClinton released a 2-page doctor's ltr, stating she's "a healthy female w/ hyperthyroidism"

Sent ltr w/ @SenJohnBarrasso to @TheJusticeDept re: decision not to prosecute @EPA staff for Gold King Mine spill

Pemb.Waduk Gondang di Kab.Karanganyar Jawa Tengah akan mampu tampung air baku 200 ltr/dtk, target rampung 2017 akhir

I'm normally on the "wait until the facts come out" train, but Comey owes U.S. much more than he's said today. Ltr alone was a bad misstep.

Comey ltr may have been pivotal, but Clinton HQ *knew* she was weak already. Why that was may be the q to focus on


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What does LTR stand for?
LTR stands for "Letter".
How to abbreviate "Letter"?
"Letter" can be abbreviated as LTR.
What is the meaning of LTR abbreviation?
The meaning of LTR abbreviation is "Letter".
What is LTR abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LTR is "Letter".
What does LTR mean?
LTR as abbreviation means "Letter".
What is shorthand of Letter?
The most common shorthand of "Letter" is LTR.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LTR in term.