What does P2P mean?

P2P means Pay to play

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What is the abbreviation for Pay to play?

Pay to play can be abbreviated as P2P
Other shorthands for Pay to play are: P2P, PTP
What does P2P mean? It stands for Pay to play
P2P - Pay to play in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having P2P

.@bobcollymore Introducing M-PESA kadogo , M-PESA transactions below Ksh 100 ,P2P & Lipa Na M-PESA will be free.

# ICCR scholarships for Afghans. With extension of this scheme for five more years it ends only in 2026. Real builder of P2P relations

Visa and MasterCard dive head first into P2P payments

"Walaupun kasus Zika belum ditemukan di Indonesia tetapi Pemerintah telah menyiapkan Health Alert Card" Dirjen P2P

Chase adds real-time P2P payments

Zelle p2p payments push to compete with Venmo now has 19 US FI backers by @riptari

Government launches 14 new double-decker P2P buses

Person to Person transfers (P2P) up 19% YoY. #SafaricomResults

#FinTechFTC video archive will be on our website soon: #fintech #P2P #crowdfunding

How can insurers adopt a P2P or crowdfunded model with #blockchain?

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Esto es lo que te encuentras al navegar por ZeroNet, el Internet alternativo mediante P2P

Take the Metro Manila point-to-point (P2P) bus service. View the bus stops and schedule:

Take the Metro Manila point-to-point (P2P) bus service. View the bus stops and schedule:

JM Financial picks up 10 percent stake in P2P startup Faircent

BitTorrent Inc. announces live streaming TV service powered by P2P by @JBrodkin

China online lending crackdown shutters Guangdong P2P site

The mercurial nature of P2P lending

Danger ahead: P2P lending in the US

Le startup del P2p lending rappresentano il 60% degli investimenti nel fintech @24infodata


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What does P2P stand for?
P2P stands for "Pay to play".
How to abbreviate "Pay to play"?
"Pay to play" can be abbreviated as P2P.
What is the meaning of P2P abbreviation?
The meaning of P2P abbreviation is "Pay to play".
What is P2P abbreviation?
One of the definitions of P2P is "Pay to play".
What does P2P mean?
P2P as abbreviation means "Pay to play".
What is shorthand of Pay to play?
The most common shorthand of "Pay to play" is P2P.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word P2P in term.