What does d8 mean?

d8 means date

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What is the abbreviation for date?

date can be abbreviated as d8
Other shorthands for date are: AD, DD, DA, DTD, D, DT, AOD, a.d., dt, OOD, Db
What does d8 mean? It stands for date
d8 - date in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having d8

Derniere semaine de TPMP pour @Cyrilhanouna & moi. On est tellement tristes que des 18H on sera avec vous en direct dans #TPMS sur D8!

Let's d8

"Cyril a fait changer D8 en C8 car il ne s'appelle pas Dyril. C'est connu." @JeanLucLemoine #TPMP

"Salut les Terriens" bascule officiellement sur D8

LEVEL! D8 for Dolan and he squares things up in this second set. Can he even things up here at one set apiece? #Unibet180

52...Bd8 53.Kc2 Ke6 54.Kd2 Kd7 The Bishop went to d8 the prevent an attack on the g5 Pawn by Bf6. #CarlsenKarjakin

WITHIN ONE! 25 checkout for Taylor as he breaks back and finds D8 for 6-5. #LadbrokesWSOD

*** LOST *** 2 Year old female lurcher in D8 area. (red and black collar and microchipped). Please share.

UPDATE: van Gerwen with the lead at the first interval as he lands D8 for 3-2. #LadbrokesWSOD

DECIDER - Szagankski finds D8 for 5-5 to force a decider

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Pourquoi vous *devez* suivre Dr Foster sur D8

SET AND 2-0 GURNEY! The Northern Irishman finds D8 to clinch the second set by the same 3-2 scoreline. West with a lot of work here.

LEVEL! D8 for Chisnall cancels out the same checkout from Dolan and we are 1-1 here in this third set. #Unibet180

SET: Dolan misses D8 for a 136 checkout and Chisnall returns to sew up the first set without reply! #lovethedarts

LATEST: The duo trade 180s in the opening leg of the third set, but it's Dolan who lands D8 for one nil. (0-2) #lovethedarts

UPDATE: Kyle Anderson races into a two-leg lead. before Wright lands D8 to get his first leg on the board to trail 2-1. #Unibet180

Wana gan on a d8 #kiss

Due to high demand in the presale we've added another Manchester Victoria Warehouse d8! Tickets - Tomorrow @ 10AM

Demain sur D8


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does d8 stand for?
d8 stands for "date".
How to abbreviate "date"?
"date" can be abbreviated as d8.
What is the meaning of d8 abbreviation?
The meaning of d8 abbreviation is "date".
What is d8 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of d8 is "date".
What does d8 mean?
d8 as abbreviation means "date".
What is shorthand of date?
The most common shorthand of "date" is d8.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word d8 in term.