What does JC mean?

JC means Just Curious

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What is the abbreviation for Just Curious?

Just Curious can be abbreviated as JC
Other shorthands for Just Curious are: J/C
What does JC mean? It stands for Just Curious
JC - Just Curious in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having JC

Omg sitting with Kian Jc and sam and none of them believe in the mandela effect I'm sitting here trying to convince the they're HATERS.

We see you, JC!! #LakeShow

Go ahead, JC!! #LakeShow

Who is JC. I only know Jc

very upsetting news 2 learn of Leonard's passing. the world has 1 less gentle soul tnight. we thank u 4 the multitude of gifts u left us. jc


For balance nearly everyone at Lab Conference has been lovely, only 2 people have shouted in my face, one for not clapping JC loud enough

Espero que @beasanchez49, @anaisabel_jc, @Dipusevi y el PSOE de Sevilla den explicaciones sobre esta sentencia

Nance dives for the steal and JC hits the triple to bring the Kings' lead down to 71-68!

Young scored LA's first 13 pts, JC shot 9/12 & Randle had a double-double, but Dallas hit the shots needed to win.

More Comments with JC...

Pretty clear there will be a place in secondary for recently cleared JC Jackson - lot of praise from coaches

Declaraciones de Stiglitz deja muy mal parado al Gobierno de JC Varela. Al parecer todo era un show y nunca pensaron en tomar correctivos.

"Esta #CopaPresidentePma es en Homenaje a ustedes, hoy ganamos todos" @JC_Varela

Dear Liberals, Let's roll. Best, JC

PATH is operating from Newport. Waterfront walkway to JC is closed. Use Marin Blvd to reach Newport.

Not really the message JC will want out there this week. Even when you serve the 'mob' will come for you #Lab16

"Felicito a los equipos que ganaron el tercer y cuarto lugar en la #CopaPresidentePma" @JC_Varela

Let's be clear. I will be as loyal to JC as he was to Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair. Ok ?

#PEPtalk. JC Santos confesses 'unprofessional way' he entered UP


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What does JC stand for?
JC stands for "Just Curious".
How to abbreviate "Just Curious"?
"Just Curious" can be abbreviated as JC.
What is the meaning of JC abbreviation?
The meaning of JC abbreviation is "Just Curious".
What is JC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JC is "Just Curious".
What does JC mean?
JC as abbreviation means "Just Curious".
What is shorthand of Just Curious?
The most common shorthand of "Just Curious" is JC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word JC in term.