What does MP mean?

MP means Mana Points

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Computing & IT category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations, game Abbreviations, Online Abbreviations, Roleplaying Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Mana Points?

Mana Points can be abbreviated as MP
What does MP mean? It stands for Mana Points
MP - Mana Points in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MP

Le Pen and Putin the only international voices to congratulate Trump to date. No further comment needed.

Watched I,Daniel Blake last night, I have had so many Daniel Blake's come to my surgeries for help since becoming an MP, truly heartbreaking

Breaking - Samajwadi Party MP Munawwar Salim's PA arrested for being part of espionage racket of Pak High commission..!!!

A racist in The Whitehouse & a human rights abuser in The Kremlin. Time for us to leave Europe, or time to try and lead it & rebuild hope?

Shocking Breaking News - PA of Samajwadi Party MP Choudhary Munawwar Salim arrested in the Pakistan spy ring case.

Fox News makes Farage leader of the opposition (he's tried seven times to become an MP).

Errr no @foxnews, he tried to get elected as an MP 7 times and failed. And he was excluded from the Leave campaign.

Summarised - Tory MP: don't deport my Italian parents. May: I hope not to do that. Good grief. #PMQs

Bhopal: Three officers of MP Board of Secondary Education caught by Lokayukta taking bribe of Rs 25,000 in new currency

Tory MP using #PMQs to make a rehearsed gag about fat white middle aged men when the public want answers to serious questions is poor IMO

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Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does MP stand for?
MP stands for "Mana Points".
How to abbreviate "Mana Points"?
"Mana Points" can be abbreviated as MP.
What is the meaning of MP abbreviation?
The meaning of MP abbreviation is "Mana Points".
What is MP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MP is "Mana Points".
What does MP mean?
MP as abbreviation means "Mana Points".
What is shorthand of Mana Points?
The most common shorthand of "Mana Points" is MP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MP in term.