What does JFF mean?

JFF means Just For Fun

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What is the abbreviation for Just For Fun?

2 ways to abbreviate Just For Fun
Just For Fun can be abbreviated as JFF
Other shorthands for Just For Fun are: J4F
What does JFF mean? It stands for Just For Fun
JFF - Just For Fun in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having JFF

Is Johnny Manziel The Next Kim Kardashian? My JFF Conspiracy Theory:

Japanese Film Festival (JFF) Gandeng Chelsea Islan sebagai Duta

The best thing about this Dak phenomenon is it means the JFF talk is officially done

Is Johnny Manziel The Next Kim Kardashian? My JFF Conspiracy Theory:

Ronkonkoma, Pt Jff, & Oyster Bay branches suspended both directions due to an unauthorized person on the tracks struck by a train.

Thanks @WheelsUp for getting us home and doing it in style! #breastcancerawareness #jff

Let's Laugh At Johnny Manziel's Lawyer Accidentally Texting The Associated Press And Basically Ratting Out JFF --

LIRR is on/close to sched. Srvc was suspended Rnknkma, Pt Jff & Oystr Bay branches due to an unauthorized person on trks struck by a train.


The Cleveland Browns have released Johnny Manziel >>> #JFF #JohnnyFootball

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Don't assume #JFF wants to still play ball. He's been rebelling against it for years. Might be a relief. Doesn't have to pretend anymore.

Johnny Football Blacked Out Making It Rain Last Night #JFF

Should we start counting, y'all? (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY WANTS JFF)

Is Johnny Manziel aka "JFF" already the worst #NFL first round pick ever?

Jerry Jones tells @SI_PeterKing he still thinks highly of JFF but doesn't know if has the discipline to live to his potential

Jones said he is worried more about JFF life than football Q&A with Jerry Jones: Manziel and More via @SInow

Knd f gld mrty brn sht dwn jff bzs sggstn t rmv ll th vwls frm wshngtn pst strs. Bt t wd b gd fr twtng.

@barstoolsports Battleshots, JFF approved

Update: JFF is no longer MIA, if he ever even was


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What does JFF stand for?
JFF stands for "Just For Fun".
How to abbreviate "Just For Fun"?
"Just For Fun" can be abbreviated as JFF.
What is the meaning of JFF abbreviation?
The meaning of JFF abbreviation is "Just For Fun".
What is JFF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JFF is "Just For Fun".
What does JFF mean?
JFF as abbreviation means "Just For Fun".
What is shorthand of Just For Fun?
The most common shorthand of "Just For Fun" is JFF.