What does PPM mean?

PPM means Pay Per Mille

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What is the abbreviation for Pay Per Mille?

Pay Per Mille can be abbreviated as PPM
What does PPM mean? It stands for Pay Per Mille
PPM - Pay Per Mille in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PPM

"ASLU oiy goiy, faslumah fahu, bas nubunuvan, qasdhu kurumun, heylaa, emmen heylaa." @Shiuz vanee bunefa. PPM meehunakah ves nuolheyne.

CO2 levels crossed alarming 400 ppm, accelerating a sustainable energy future is crucial

Some unknown characters have forced open PPM office and are taking away things in trucks. Isn't this robbery?

RT @NASAClimate September 2016 was the warmest on record. Global average atmospheric CO2 concentration was ~404 ppm

Security forces have prevented my going to PPM office tonight to participate in our 5th anniversary celebration.

MDP aai PPM ekugai masaikaiy kurumun PPM ge ves adhi MDP ge ves evves memberaku kanbodeh nuvey. Mi vaguthakee qawm iskuraanvee vaguthu.

Alhugan'du miadhu PPM ofeehuge faaru thakah ziyaaraiy kurin. E faaru thakun fenunee ofeehuga huri emmehaa thakethi gendhiya baeh ge fenvaru.

Welcome Hon Umar Naseer and Ahmed Sofwan as PPM president's appointees to PPM Council.

Police searched my PPM office under a court order tonight during a council meeting. We cooperated with them.

Majlis Raees ge Ithubaaraa gulhey gothun PPM council adhi PPM PG+MDA dhey khaasa press mihaaru live from SanguTV....

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With due respect no one except PPM President and Council has a say in the running of PPM.

Maafannu medhu Dhaairaage 100 Zuvaan memberun #Aslu PPM ah midhu gulhijje. #RY2018

Kuriah Dhivehi Qaumu, Kuriah PPM #LocalCouncil2017 #RY2018

SunOnline: BREAKING: Raees Yameen aa PPM havaalu kuran civil court in amuru koffi via @sunbrk

Tonight News Talk, PPM Youth Wing President @IbraYousuf and PYC Member @MohamedShahunym at CH13. 21:00 HRS.

RY akee rayyithunnaai beerahttehi beyfulhey. Miadhu PPM ge majlis membarun ekan ihsaas kohfinama, RY aai dhekolhah thedhuvan jehey.

Congratulations to the newly elected PPM PG's 4th Deputy Leader MP @Ali__Arif MP of Kelaa Constituency.

CO2 levels at Mauna Loa will be above 400 ppm from now on

Guraidhoo ge 50 ahvure gina zuvaanun PPM ah!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PPM stand for?
PPM stands for "Pay Per Mille".
How to abbreviate "Pay Per Mille"?
"Pay Per Mille" can be abbreviated as PPM.
What is the meaning of PPM abbreviation?
The meaning of PPM abbreviation is "Pay Per Mille".
What is PPM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PPM is "Pay Per Mille".
What does PPM mean?
PPM as abbreviation means "Pay Per Mille".
What is shorthand of Pay Per Mille?
The most common shorthand of "Pay Per Mille" is PPM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PPM in term.