What does NH mean?

NH means Nice hand (poker slang)

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What is the abbreviation for Nice hand (poker slang)?

Nice hand (poker slang) can be abbreviated as NH
What does NH mean? It stands for Nice hand (poker slang)
NH - Nice hand (poker slang) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NH

Did she fall again? Strange gash/bump/implant appeared on side of Hillary face yesterday in NH.

#Poll in #NH shows Trump gaining, slightly ahead:

Join us today for a Get Out The Vote Rally at the Derry-Windham Trump Campaign Office in NH. Doors open at 6:30pm:

Bernie's political operation says he'll campaign in NH ME MI WI OH NC IA NE CO AZ NV CA b/w now and Election Day. Quite a closing sprint.

Races too close to call: PA (pictured below), MI, NH, WI #CNNElection

Hillary has the same .3% lead in NH Trump has in MI and they have long since called NH for Hillary. What BS.

I have zero doubts that if Hillary was winning MI by .3%, AP would have called it for her days ago. They called NH with same lead.

At Trump's Sandown event here in NH, Al Baldasero is here who has called for Hillary Clinton to be shot for treason.

Tonight: Donald J. Trump Campaign Event in Sandown, NH LIVE on RSBN at 7:00 PM ET #TrumpTrain #MAGA #AmericaFirst

"Emails are brutal unless you want to delete them all!" @realDonaldTrump in NH.

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Amazing shot of the supermoon, from New Castle, NH. Photo courtesy John Vose.

New poll from NH. Both Trump and Ayotte up, but within the margin of error.

New Hampshire voters held Sen. Kelly Ayotte accountable for voting against gun safety

Folks, please do follow the re-launched @NH_India National Herald. Yes Modi Ji, you are right, sleepless nights ahead for practicing crooks.

Democrats who won last week, seem overlooked on the early 2020 'contender' lists: Maggie Hassan, NH; Steve Bullock, MT

NC, NH, PA: key Senate races w/female D's, all running 4-6% behind Clinton. Success depends on tying themselves better to national race.

Almost twice as many Sanders write-ins than Clinton's final margin in NH

Clinton wins NH, 6 days after election:

Clinton wins NH, 6 days after election #LiveOnK2


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What does NH stand for?
NH stands for "Nice hand (poker slang)".
How to abbreviate "Nice hand (poker slang)"?
"Nice hand (poker slang)" can be abbreviated as NH.
What is the meaning of NH abbreviation?
The meaning of NH abbreviation is "Nice hand (poker slang)".
What is NH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NH is "Nice hand (poker slang)".
What does NH mean?
NH as abbreviation means "Nice hand (poker slang)".
What is shorthand of Nice hand (poker slang)?
The most common shorthand of "Nice hand (poker slang)" is NH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NH in term.