What does OTL mean?

OTL means Out To Lunch

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What is the abbreviation for Out To Lunch?

Out To Lunch can be abbreviated as OTL
Other shorthands for Out To Lunch are: O2L, OFL
What does OTL mean? It stands for Out To Lunch
OTL - Out To Lunch in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having OTL

Private jets, 5-star hotels & team "horticulturalists" making six figures. @OTLonESPN on NCAA's growing disparity:

Hazing is a troubling trend plaguing high school athletic programs. @OTLonESPN investigates:

Ex-Baylor Title IX coordinator told @OTLonESPN that former AD Ian McCaw wanted football players to receive immunity

Actual factual journalism is ESPN OTL interviewing victims, not nebulous "inside sources" w. conspiracy theories.

.@NateBoyer37 joined OTL today to discuss his open letter to Colin Kaepernick.

Why has violent hazing persisted in high school sports? @JohnBarrESPN shares details of his reporting today on OTL.

Baylor rape victim rebukes Art Briles on OTL, says actions speak louder than words:

.@NateBoyer37 wrote an open letter to Colin Kaepernick. He joins OTL today 1pET on ESPN2.

John Barr on his report on a high school hazing incident. A full OTL Primetime special on hazing airs Sep. 13.

Typically excellent work by fellow OTLer @pinepaula looking at massive imbalance in CFB. This is how you do this:

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Adenuga, Tinubu, Okoli Receive OTL Lifetime Achievement Awards - #ChannelsAt21

Strongly encourage you to watch tonight's OTL special on hazing, 10 et. Incredible work by my colleagues.

I applaud @JohnBarrESPN @OTL for taking on #OTLhazing story. Seeing kids having souls stolen sadly reminds me that JoePa will be honored Sat

.@BobLeyESPN hosts tonight's OTL primetime special Hazing: the Hidden Horrors w/ @JohnBarrESPN reporting. #OTLhazing

ESPN show"OTL"with Bob Ley on Now,it's Sadly Accurate &True ! HAZING & Bullying!Its An Example of how Life Scarring these events can cause!

Follow @JohnBarrESPN if you do not already. He is live tweeting throughout this OTL special. #OTLhazing

We're moments away. Turn to ESPN now for tonight's OTL special.

Ken Starr tells OTL he wasn't consulted on Briles' firing: "I'm behind the veil of ignorance."

"The coaches today are using (second chances) as an excuse to put the football program first." @SharonFGrigsby on OTL


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does OTL stand for?
OTL stands for "Out To Lunch".
How to abbreviate "Out To Lunch"?
"Out To Lunch" can be abbreviated as OTL.
What is the meaning of OTL abbreviation?
The meaning of OTL abbreviation is "Out To Lunch".
What is OTL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of OTL is "Out To Lunch".
What does OTL mean?
OTL as abbreviation means "Out To Lunch".
What is shorthand of Out To Lunch?
The most common shorthand of "Out To Lunch" is OTL.