What does BC mean?

BC means Be Cool

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What is the abbreviation for Be Cool?

Be Cool can be abbreviated as BC
What does BC mean? It stands for Be Cool
BC - Be Cool in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BC

Sadly 12,000 ppl were unable to get into the #Minneapolis Event bc fire marshal shut it down! @realDonaldTrump

hey hi i wanna film a catch up video bc its beautiful outside,, send me some questions pretty please #askcon

.@EricBolling: Obama hasn't had a SINGLE year of 3% GDP growth. Significant bc every U.S. president has had at least one year of such.

"you call yourself ugly so people will compliment you" no i call myself ugly bc i am ugly

Mission hasn't changed: hold politicians accountable to the Constitution and conservatism. Doesn't change bc Trump.

being friends with a lot of girls is funny bc i get to hear how much they don't like each other and then see how much they pretend to online

ever just sit down and think in the shower bc same

I can't see myself even arguing wit a bish no more man.... not bc I think I'm better it's just I'm mentally not even there.. hoes weak

idc if we haven't spoken in a while. if you text me bc you need advice or a friend to talk to, i'll be here. i'm just that type of person

Any analysis that suggest poor white ppl are voting for Trump bc of econ anxiety and doesn't include an analysis of racism is disingenuous.

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ppl who grow up w strict parents are actually the best actors bc we gotta control our facial expressions, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc

I've been asking Syrians who they want to win for president. The vast majority say Trump bc they feel he's less likely to bomb them.

I wish I could screenshot my mirror bc occasionally I look good in it, but when I go to take a pic w my phone I look a solid 12x uglier ?

(1) When straight, white men say, "our country is so divided bc we don't listen 2 Trump supporters," they are usually referring 2 "we" as in

The "Stranger Things" monster was first mentioned around 400 BC as "Demogorgon, the supreme god, whose name it is not permitted to know."

8 years ago, I kissed my son & cried bc I felt he could be President...now as I kiss him, I am praying my new President won't harm him #numb

But slavery isn't funny.There's no humor in rape. Check the left side of your chest bc if we're desensitized-we're in trouble as a society.


srsly if one more white dude tells me trump's "victory" was the fault of social justice activists i'll just sit here i guess bc this is life


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BC stand for?
BC stands for "Be Cool".
How to abbreviate "Be Cool"?
"Be Cool" can be abbreviated as BC.
What is the meaning of BC abbreviation?
The meaning of BC abbreviation is "Be Cool".
What is BC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BC is "Be Cool".
What does BC mean?
BC as abbreviation means "Be Cool".
What is shorthand of Be Cool?
The most common shorthand of "Be Cool" is BC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BC in term.