What does BC mean?

BC means Before Coffee

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What is the abbreviation for Before Coffee?

Before Coffee can be abbreviated as BC
Other shorthands for Before Coffee are: cofy, joe, c, OOC, [[329136127130821]]
What does BC mean? It stands for Before Coffee
BC - Before Coffee in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BC

college is great bc u always have all ur tests around the same time so instead of failing one test a week you can fail four

Blac Chyna and Rob named their baby Dream Kardashian which is ironic bc I would describe this week as a total nightmare

.@GovGaryJohnson just told @MSNBC that his lack of geographical knowledge is a plus bc you can't get into a war w/ a country you can't find

I wish I could screenshot my mirror bc occasionally I look good in it, but when I go to take a pic w my phone I look a solid 12x uglier ?

being friends with a lot of girls is funny bc i get to hear how much they don't like each other and then see how much they pretend to online

i'm watching pikachu grind on ash ketchum and i'm mostly just upset bc i'm aroused

I can't see myself even arguing wit a bish no more man.... not bc I think I'm better it's just I'm mentally not even there.. hoes weak

ever just sit down and think in the shower bc same

Polls show Clinton ahead in NC because Trump isn't doing well among white voters, esp well-edu whites. It's not bc of high black turnout

we have 1 year to breathe bc we won air. success. we're on the late late show tonight at 12:30am ET/PT. don't forget

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idc if we haven't spoken in a while. if you text me bc you need advice or a friend to talk to, i'll be here. i'm just that type of person

12 straight weeks of upward climb bc of YOU GUYS.

They say #Hillary lost bc she disrespected the 'fly over states' & called #Donald a sexist while she killed babies and #ate them w #Podesta!

Men weren't "quitting" that birth control study bc of side effects, just reporting them. Like they were told to do.

just bc of that, im gonna win a Nobel Peace Prize and accept my honor nude.

GRAND RAPIDS -- Meet Traci Lang, 41, single-mom, nerve disorder; was with Johnson now Trump bc of Obamacare.


Trump Nat. Security advisor Frank Gaffney once said that David Petraeus had "submitted to Sharia" bc he criticized a Quran-burning pastor.

srsly if one more white dude tells me trump's "victory" was the fault of social justice activists i'll just sit here i guess bc this is life


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What does BC stand for?
BC stands for "Before Coffee".
How to abbreviate "Before Coffee"?
"Before Coffee" can be abbreviated as BC.
What is the meaning of BC abbreviation?
The meaning of BC abbreviation is "Before Coffee".
What is BC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BC is "Before Coffee".
What does BC mean?
BC as abbreviation means "Before Coffee".
What is shorthand of Before Coffee?
The most common shorthand of "Before Coffee" is BC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BC in term.