What does PvP mean?

PvP means Player Versus Player

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What is the abbreviation for Player Versus Player?

Player Versus Player can be abbreviated as PvP
Other shorthands for Player Versus Player are: jcj
What does PvP mean? It stands for Player Versus Player
PvP - Player Versus Player in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PvP

He grabado un episodio super chulo de Planeta Vegetta, tambien otro de Dragon Quest y voy a mirar si me da tiempo de grabar algo de pvp

dos videos preparados de PVP muyyy chulos! Ahora si, a la cama! Un fuerte abrazo!

Play live PVP in Ranked or compete with all your cards in Wild. New details on the blog:

Updated PvP rewards are coming in Patch 7.1 |

The best and worst of Destiny PvP, according to some top players:

RT le FAV pour la DECOUVERTE ET PVP SUR LA 0.61 EXP oublier de dire RT le FAV :'(

First Win @Serenity_PvP Ty for hosting To2 /w @xArSeLx

Minecraft: LUCKY PVP - TOM & JERRY!: via @YouTube

Para el Stream @Serenity_PvP nos hosteara un UHC, la verdad que se los agradezco a esta hora no se pueden jugar uhc de EU en ningun sitio <3

Ty for hosting @Serenity_PvP best server <3

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Bueno ya paso, un fallo lo tiene cualquiera bah! Dadle una oportunidad al servidor de @Serenity_PvP Al menos me hostearon 2 UHC para mi


Twitter has the most traffic, and is at its best as people compete for views on happenings, uncensored. I.E. Twitter is PVP social media.

It's Friday night & you know what that means! Time to chill with some Dark Souls III PvP! Yes, you read that right!

Curious to hear more about @Battleborn's new PVP mode, Face-Off? Get all the details:

Patch 7.1.5 Calculators are Updated! Talent - - -

@DattosDestiny @Mrs5oooWatts The difference here is that thousands are pleading for change in PVP. Look at bnet forums, twitter, reddit, YT

How is everyone enjoying the Solo PvP Queue?

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Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PvP stand for?
PvP stands for "Player Versus Player".
How to abbreviate "Player Versus Player"?
"Player Versus Player" can be abbreviated as PvP.
What is the meaning of PvP abbreviation?
The meaning of PvP abbreviation is "Player Versus Player".
What is PvP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PvP is "Player Versus Player".
What does PvP mean?
PvP as abbreviation means "Player Versus Player".
What is shorthand of Player Versus Player?
The most common shorthand of "Player Versus Player" is PvP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PvP in term.